Are you ready to join me?

Who’s the most inspiring woman in the world? A certain Weight Watchers member has to figure high on anyone’s list. We’re talking about the queen of empowerment, Oprah Winfrey herself! And, unless you’ve been hiding under a duvet lately, you’ll know that Oprah’s bought a stake in the company. So what made her sign on the dotted line? Here’s what Oprah has to say…

Was there one moment that triggered you to lose weight?

I was eating myself into a kind of oblivion. I was finding success on another – probably my 7000th – no-carb, no-sugar diet. And then I said to myself: ‘I should be able to eat whatever I want.’ But in between bites of coconut French toast with bourbon syrup, I thought: ‘Is this really what I want?’ I started to look for a middle ground, a space where I can live in contentment, in peace, in joy with food.


After you joined, when did you realise you could stick with it?

For me, that happened when the cravings stopped. But something else clicked: this isn’t a diet. And I’m not going to diet anymore because I’m ready to live – not just my best life, but what is the most extraordinary, fullest expression of my being.


When you doubt yourself, how do you change your mindset?

I use my Leader, Lisa, for support, suggestions and ideas. Every single Leader has found success with Weight Watchers – they know what it’s like to be overweight. It’s like having an army of experts ready to help you make smart choices.





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