Eat the foods you love guilt free
Tuck in…

To all your favourite foods – from succulent Sunday roasts to melt-in-the-mouth Friday night pizzas – and you could still lose 8 x more weight with us than on your own. With Weight Watchers you can lose weight and still eat the foods you love. And it’s never been more flexible or delicious with our no counting and no measuring option.
Love eating out but worried about weight loss? Weight Watchers lets you eat the food you love and still lose weight

Dine out…

Guilt-free! With Weight Watchers you can pop out for dinner with friends, pick up a sandwich for lunch or enjoy a glass of wine – or two! – after work. Nothing is off limits. 

Cook up…

Fast food or family feasts! Whether you’re treating your loved ones to hearty homemade dinners or simply cooking for convenience, our No Count cookbook has a huge range of recipes to suit your lifestyle. 

Lose 8x more weight than on your own* Satisfaction or your money back

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