Lose 8x more weight than on your own & feel better than ever
Our plan is liveable and flexible:

Weight Watchers is designed to fit around your busy lifestyle, so you can look and feel better than ever without adding to your to-do list. 
24/7 support

With our 24/7 online support and easy to use Weight Watchers app, you could lose 8x more weight than on your own.
Why Weight Watchers?
Follow the plan from home with 24/7 online support
Tuck into family favourites…
Our flexible approach means that no meal is off limits. So you can dine out with friends, tuck into your favourite family meals and even have a glass of wine or two – and still lose weight!  
Keep on moving…

Getting fit doesn’t have to mean hard gym sessions or long runs. Whether it’s playing with the kids or walking to meet your friends, it all makes a difference. Plus, you can keep track of your daily activity with FitPoints. Fitting activity into your busy lifestyle couldn’t be easier! 

Lose 8x more weight than on your own* Satisfaction or your money back

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