Plump Pumpkins & Boo-nanas

Published 10 October, 2016

Prep time: 10 minutes Makes: 8  SmartPoints: Satsumas 0/ Bananas 1 per serving, 7 per recipe

Calories: 64 per boo-nana

Plump Pumpkins & Boo-nanas Ingredients
8 satsumas
1 celery stick
4 bananas
24 chocolate chips


  1. Peel the satsumas, removing any loose pith.
  2. Trim off the wider end of the celery and discard. Slice the remaining celery lengthways, and then across into 8 small pieces.
  3.  Take a piece of celery and insert into each of the satsumas.
  4. Next, peel the bananas and cut them in half, standing them up on their cut side.
  5. Using the pointed end of the chocolate chips, push three into each banana half so it resembles eyes and mouths.