Gold membership at WW

Go for gold! What does it mean to be a gold member at WW?

How do I become a gold member?


To become a gold member you need to reach your goal weight. When you attend your WW Workshop, your Coach will help you set a goal weight to aim towards, and when you achieve it you’ll become a gold member.

You’ll have lost at least 5lb, attended Workshops for at least 5 weeks, and reached an ultimate goal weight that’s within our Healthy Weight Range (BMI 20-25).

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So what does becoming a gold member mean?


  • Free WW Workshops: As a gold member you can go to Workshops every week for FREE! For the first 5 weeks you can attend Workshops free of charge, regardless of your weight. Thereafter, all you need to do is stay within 5lb of your goal weight.
  • Gold pack: You’ll receive a gold pack including: a gold card, gold certificate and a special maintenance plan.  
  • No need to re-join: Gold members never need to register or re-join.
  • No need to pay for missed weeks: Gold members never have to pay for missed weeks.
  • Post-pregnancy free Workshops: Following pregnancy, Workshops are free to gold members until baby is 6 months old. Members can return to Workshops once the postnatal check-up has taken place.

Your Coach will be with you every step of the way on your journey to achieving your goal weight. To find out more about becoming a gold member, speak to them in your Workshop this week, or ask an Online Coach in the WW app.   




Q. Can anyone become a gold member?
A. Children and young people, and currently online only members, cannot be awarded gold membership.


Q. Once I’ve reached my goal weight, how do I activate my gold membership?
A. All you need to do is call 0345 345 1500 and cancel your Workshop + Digital membership, then you can enjoy Workshops for free.


Q. I still want my Digital tools, how do I get access to these?
A. Gold members can purchase the Digital tools, including the WW app with barcode scanner, at a discounted rate upon cancellation of their Workshop + Digital account.


Q. How do I maintain my gold membership?
A. Gold members should weigh at least once a month to maintain their gold membership status. If you go 5lb over your goal weight, you will need to will need to pay a weekly fee. But our Coaches will be there to get you back on track.