WellnessWins™ Tier 2 reward


FUEL10K Chocolate Bundle!

We are FUEL10K. We make FUEL for busy people. Our range will always taste great, be packed full of nutritional benefits, and be easy to eat, wherever you are and regardless of lifestyle. Our range is perfect for breakfast, pudding, snacking or anywhere in between. Use your wins to receive a bundle of 8 Double Chocolate Oat Muffins and 12 Double Chocolate Oat Cookies. They'll be sure to become your go to healthier snack when you're wanting something indulgent.

How to Redeem

  1. Visit www.fuel10k.com/wellnesswins
  2. Select 'Chocolate Bundle' and add to bag
  3. Go to shopping cart, click 'checkout'
  4. Add your voucher code to 'gift card or discount code'
  5. Click 'apply'
  6. Continue with checkout process

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