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9 Christmas gift ideas for people who want to lose weight (and get healthy too)

Stuck for Christmas presents this year? These healthy living gifts work for everyone.

Not sure what to get Grandma this year? Can’t bring yourself to buy another tie for Uncle Jim?

Present buying is one of the major causes of stress around Christmas time. In addition to the financial implications, trying to think of something other than pyjamas or a posh box of chocolates can provoke one heck of a headache.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, you’ll be glad to hear we’ve done the hard work for you! Here’s a list of budget-friendly gift ideas straight out of the WW shop.

1. WW journal

Give someone the gift of me time this Christmas and New Year. Keeping a journal is a popular New Year’s resolution, and for good reason. Spilling your thoughts and feelings onto the page is called catharsis – the process of releasing, and providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.

Our WW journal is a 12-week diary of success, designed to support people on a wellbeing journey. It’s particularly useful for tracking what you eat and drink – but also for clearing your mind, planning your meals and simply taking some well-deserved me time.

2. Magazine subscription

Do you know someone with a coffee table piled high with magazines? A magazine subscription is a unique gift idea and one that keeps giving all year round! WW magazine inspires its readers to step into a healthier lifestyle, by eating better, moving more and bringing wellbeing into focus.

Packed with delicious recipes, engaging content and inspirational success stories, WW magazine provides support and ideas for its readers, and even provides beauty and fashion tips too.

3. Cookbooks

Got a friend or relative who loves to cook? We’ve got four great cookbooks to choose from: Flavours, Comfort, Flex and Bakes.

Any would make a lovely gift – Flex contains 135 easy recipes designed to slot seamlessly into your life, Comfort is brimming with hearty comfort foods perfect for winter, and Bakes is bursting with sweet and savoury home baked goodies. Why not watch Selasi Gbormittah trying out a recipe from our Comfort cookbook before making your decision?

4. Stocking fillers

Trying to encourage the whole family to be healthier? Fill your kids’ stockings with healthier sweet treats, like our fruit strawberry hearts, tropical fruit salad chews, fizzy Cola bottles and yogurt softies.

5. The little book of happy

Is there anyone is your life who might need some help finding their happy? Science has proven that happier people make healthier choices, so this could be the first step towards a more positive lifestyle.

Be Happy is a beautiful book that is broken down into eight sections (including Sleep, De-Stress and Believe in Yourself) and filled with inspirational quotes and simple steps to make a big difference to overall happiness and wellbeing. 

6. Fit Pedometer

If you’ve got a friend or family member who wants to be more active, our budget-friendly pedometer could be the motivation they need to get started. It tracks steps, distance and calories burned and is super easy to use – just clip on and go!

7. Fold out grill

Kitchen gadgets and small appliances make great Christmas gifts, especially when they speed up the cooking process – and encourage healthier eating.

Our fold out grill is easy to use, easy to clean and can be used to whip up healthy dinners in minutes. It can even be folded flat if a larger cooking surface is required. Perfect for families and students alike!

8. Air fryer

Do you know someone who wants to get healthier, but loves fried food? Using hot air technology to cook with little or no added oil, our air fryer is a guilt-free way to enjoy healthier versions of favourite fried foods. It even includes a few recipes, so the recipient can start using it straightaway.

9. WW membership

Whether your loved one wants to lose weight, be more active or improve their wellbeing, a WW membership is a holistic programme which helps people to eat well, feel well, move well and live well.

WW is about so much more than weight loss – just take our recent partnership with Headspace, for example. With new and exciting features being added over the coming weeks and during 2019, there’s never been a better time to join.