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What to choose from the Pho menu if you want to lose weight

We've given the Pho menu the SmartPoints® treatment! Discover fresh, healthy, yummy Vietnamese food you can enjoy on all of our customised weight loss plans.

Chopsticks at the ready! We take a look at the Pho menu...


Love Asian food? Then you need to try Pho (pronounced ‘foe’). Featuring delicious Vietnamese street food bursting with exotic herbs & spices, the Pho menu is packed with flavour and choice. 

Unsurprisingly, their signature dish is pho (pronounced ‘fuh’), a rice noodle soup served with a side of herbs and condiments. Add chilli paste for a spicy kick, fish sauce for extra saltiness, or garlic vinegar for tangy sourness - it's up to you!

With many healthy and low-fat dishes to chose from, there's something for everyone. Whether you've saved your weeklies for a special occasion, or you receive a last-minute invite, there are plenty of SmartPoints-friendly options to suit all Budgets. Plus, 25% of the Pho menu is vegan - great news for people following a plant-based diet or anyone doing Veganuary!

Fancy a night in with friends? The Pho menu is also on Deliveroo. 





Starters on the Pho menu are all about dipping, rolling and sharing. Try a classic, CHẢ GIÒ (crispy spring rolls served with lettuce & herbs to wrap & dip) with a SmartPoints (SP) value of 9 across all three plans on myWW™ - Green, Blue and Purple

Like your seafood? Then get your taste buds going with MỰC CHIÊN GIÒN (tender fried baby squid with a salt, pepper & lime dip) which is 4SP across all three plans. 

Looking for something really light in SmartPoints? CUỐN DIEP CHAY (the spicy salad rolls with enoki, chilli & herbs) is your best choice, as it's just 1SP on Green, Blue and Purple.

In the mood for sharing? Why not share the CÁNH GÀ (seasoned, crispy chicken wings served with sriracha) with a friend? That way, you also share the SmartPoints (13SP per portion on all three plans).



This national Vietnamese dish is perfect for helping beat those winter blues. What could be more comforting than a steaming bowl of hot rice noodle soup (broth), served with a side of herbs and condiments?

  • PHỞ NẤM RƠM (enoki, shiitake & button mushrooms in veggie broth) - 11SP on Green, Blue and Purple.

  • PHỞ GÀ (chicken breast in chicken broth) - 10SP (Green), 9SP (Blue) and 9SP (Purple).

  • PHỞ TÁI (thinly sliced steak in beef broth) and PHỞ TÔM (tiger prawns in veggie broth) - 8SP on all plans.

Broken rice

This dish is a real mix of curries, wok fried rice, and rice bowls, all of which come topped with fresh veggies and chilli. 

Some sit at the higher end of your SmartPoints Budget, like the CÀ-RI dishes. For example the CÀ-RI chicken (a rich, fragrant Vietnamese curry) is 34SP for all three plans, not including the rice. The CÀ-RI rice is an extra 9SP. 

Looking to go a little easier on your Budget? The CƠM TẤM ĐẶC BIỆT TOFU (rice bowl topped with loads of veg & herbs) is 19SP (Green), 18SP (Blue) and 18SP (Purple). Our top tip: swap the rice for cauliflower rice to bring the SmartPoints value down to 13SP on Green, or 12SP on Blue and Purple.

The CƠM TẤM ĐẶC BIỆT BEEF (rice bowls topped with loads of veg & herbs) is only 12SP on all three plans.


Yummy flat noodles cooked in a wok? Yes please! At Pho they're served with veggies, protein, and come topped with peanuts and beanshoots. Try the PHỞ XÀO CHICKEN and PHỞ XÀO TOFU & MUSHROOM, both of which are 12SP on Green and 11SP on Blue and Purple. 


If you like the sound of vermicelli rice noodles with a lemongrass and chilli wok-fried topping, go for the bún. It's served with fresh herbs, beansprouts, veggie spring roll and peanuts - delicious!

  • BÚN CHICKEN - 11SP (Green), 10SP (Blue), or 10SP (Green)

  • BÚN TOFU & MUSHROOM - 13SP (Green), 12SP (Blue), or 12SP (Purple)

  • BÚN BEEF - 12SP across all three plans.

  • BÚN KING PRAWN - 10SP (Green), 9SP (Blue), or 9SP (Purple) 


Looking for something lighter, but still want an authentic Vietnamese flavour hit? Try Pho's salads - they're packed with vibrant, crispy, colourful vegetables and added protein (if you wish). They'll definitely change the way you view your 'normal' leafy salad. Plus, most of their salads are 7 SmartPoints or lower.

  • GÒI GÀ (shredded chicken salad with Vietnamese herbs, peppers and a chilli ginger dressing) and GÒI XOÀI (spicy green mango salad topped with pork, dried shrimp & peanuts) is 5SP across all three plans.

  • GÒI DU DŪ (prawn, crunchy green papaya salad with peanuts & prawn crackers) - 7SP (Green), 5SP (Blue), or 5SP (Purple).



Fancy a little something extra on the side? Or perhaps something to share? Add one or two of these sides to make a great addition to your meal.

  • ĐẬU QUE (green beans & sugarsnaps in a mild peanut dressing) - 5SP across all three plans.

  • BÁNH PHỒNG TÔM (prawn crackers with sweet chilli sauce) - 8SP (Green), 8SP (Blue), or 5SP (Purple)

  • RAU MUỐNG XÀO (stir fried morning glory - that's water spinach - in garlic) - 5SP (Green), 4SP (Blue), or 4SP (Purple)


Pho in just 11 SmartPoints


Starter: CUỐN DIEP CHAY (spicy salad rolls with enoki, chilli & herbs) - 1SP on all plans

Main: GÒI GÀ (shredded chicken salad with Vietnamese herbs, peppers and a chilli ginger dressing) and GÒI XOÀI (spicy green mango salad topped with pork, dried shrimp & peanuts) - 5SP on all plans

Side: ĐẬU QUE (green beans & sugarsnaps in a mild peanut dressing) - 5SP on all plans

So there you have it! A deliciously healthy and SmartPoints-friendly meal out at Pho. Whatever you choose, don't forget to track it on the WW app. Simply scroll to 'Browse restaurants' on your My Day screen, tap 'Restaurant name' and type 'pho' into the search bar, then scroll or search for your meal.

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