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Eating out for weight loss

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When it comes to eating out, we've all got a lot of making up to do - and there's no need to miss out on WW! Enjoy meals out with friends and family at your favourite restaurants on our most liveable programme yet.

...and still lose weight

As long as you stay within your Points® Budget, you'll lose weight while eating all sorts of amazing food on WW. From Nando's to Wagamama, scroll down to discover how to eat out and stay on track.

Start eating better than ever

Disclaimer: The Points listed in these guides are correct at the time of publishing (November 2022). Unless otherwise stated, the Points values listed are for the item as served in the restaurant - so if you ordered the chicken steamed gyoza at Wagamama, the Points value of 7PP includes all five gyoza that come as part of the dish. You might notice discrepancies between the Points you calculate using the nutritional details provided by the restaurant and the Points listed for meals in these guides. That's because the Points have taken into account any ZeroPoint™ ingredients in the meal and been adjusted accordingly, whereas the restaurant information includes nutritional values for all ingredients. For tracking purposes, use the Points values listed in these guides.