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Where to eat when you're out Christmas shopping

Christmas shopping is hungry work! Here's how to fuel yourself and stay on track.

What's your Christmas shopping style?


1) All my presents have been beautifully wrapped since October

2) It's on my radar, but I've not got round to it yet...

3) It's nearly Christmas?!


If you're a 1...


We salute you. Get into the festive spirit with these SmartPoints®-friendly mince pies and mulled wine!


If you're a 2 or 3...


Then you'll love our handy guide to eating out while you sort the Christmas shopping.

Firstly, fuel yourself with a big breakfast. Oats and eggs are two examples of healthy foods that fill you up, and could tide you over 'til lunchtime. Try this breakfast hash with a poached egg, or these oat waffles with mixed berries.

Then, when you're out and about, use this guide to choose SmartPoints®-friendly options from popular cafes and restaurants on the high street.

Whether you need a mid-morning coffee or lunch if you're pulling an all-dayer, these ideas will fuel your Christmas shopping trip.




If you've got several hours of shopping ahead of you, make time for a break. Sitting down for 20 minutes can help you destress, and gives you the opportunity to warm up with a hot drink. Unsweetened black tea and herbal teas are 0 SmartPoints® on all myWW™ weight loss plans, or enjoy a coffee using the guide below.


All SP values are for tall drinks with skimmed milk, unless otherwise specified. SP values are the same whether you're on Green, Blue or Purple. Find out more about our customised weight loss plans.

  • Cappuccino 3SP (4SP with soy milk, 5SP with semi-skimmed)
  • Latte macchiato 3SP
  • Caffe latte 4SP
  • Caffe mocha with whipped cream 9SP
  • Classic hot chocolate with whipped cream 10SP
  • Caramel frappuccino with whipped cream (mini size) 11SP
  • Signature hot chocolate with whipped cream 15SP


All SP values are for medio drinks with skimmed milk, unless otherwise specified. SP values are the same whether you're on Green, Blue or Purple

  • Need a pick-me-up? A single or double espresso is 0SP
  • Cappuccino 3SP
  • Caffe latte 4SP (3SP with almond milk)
  • Gingerbread latte 7SP
  • Hot chocolate 10SP (9SP with almond milk, 10SP with soya milk and 12SP with semi-skimmed milk)

Pret a Manger

SP values are the same whether you're on Green, Blue or Purple

  • White Americano 1SP
  • Flat white 3SP
  • Cappuccino 4SP
  • Latte 5SP
  • Hot chocolate 12SP (11SP for a soya hot chocolate)




Need to refuel? You can still enjoy meals at your favourite restaurants and fast food chains on myWW. Use this guide and the WW app to find something that suits your taste buds and your Budget.


Enjoy a classic McDonald's cheeseburger for 10SP whether you're on Green, Blue or Purple. The wraps are slightly lower in SmartPoints, for example the sweet chilli grilled chicken wrap is 9SP on Green, and 8SP on Blue and Purple. Six chicken nuggets are 7SP on all colours. If you want to add fries to your meal, a small portion is 7SP on all colours and a medium portion is 10SP on all colours.


Skinless chicken breast is a lean protein, and makes a great choice when you're out and about. A 6-inch Chicken Breast Low Fat Sub on Italian White Bread is 7SP on Green, and 6SP on Blue and Purple. A 6-inch Turkey Breast & Ham Low Fat Sub on 9 Grain Wheat Bread is 7SP on all plans, and a 6-inch Vegan Regular Sub on Italian White Bread is 11SP on all plans. Cheese and toasted? Add 2SP for the cheese.

Not feeling something bready? The Chicken Breast Salad is 2SP on Green, and 1SP on Blue and Purple. If you're adding a dressing, ranch is 1SP, light mayo, low fat sweet onion sauce and low fat honey mustard sauce are 2SP, and chipotle southwest sauce is 3SP. (This is based on a serving size of 21g.)


If you’re in the mood for chicken, our top choices from Nando's would be the ¼ chicken breast, which is 6SP on all colours, or the chicken butterfly, which is 5SP on all colours. If you fancy a grilled chicken burger or pitta, these are 9SP each on Green, and 8SP each on Blue and Purple. For a 0SP flavour boost, ask for a lemon wedge to squeeze over your chicken, and season with black pepper. Something on the side? The regular spicy rice is 7SP per serving on all colours, or a regular corn on the cob is 5SP on Green and 0SP on Blue and Purple.


Great news for pizza lovers - all Classic and Romana pizzas from PizzaExpress can now be ordered on a Leggera base! And they're all SmartPoints-friendly: a Leggera Margherita is 12SP, a Leggera La Reine is 13SP and a Leggera American is 16SP (SP values are the same on all colours). Salads are also Budget-friendly, for example a Grand Chicken Caesar Salad with dough sticks (no dressing) is 12SP on Green, and 9SP on Blue and Purple.


Is there anything better than a warming bowl of ramen when it's cold outside? Sit down with a chicken ramen for a 10SP on Green, and 9SP on Blue and Purple. Start with a bowl of miso soup and Japanese pickles (2SP on all colours) or order a side of chicken steamed gyoza (6SP on all colours) or prawn gyoza (7SP on all colours).




Fancy saving money and SmartPoints? Pop some snacks into your bag or pocket before you leave the house, like a handful of cashew nuts, some chopped veggies or a savoury snack from the WW Shop. If you'd rather get something while you're out, use this guide to find something that works with your SmartPoints Budget. 


Picture this: you’re on the high street, bags in hand and you just need something small to get you through that final hour of present shopping. Then you see a! The sausage roll is 13SP, the vegan sausage roll is 11SP, the steak bake is 14SP and the katsu chicken bake is 8SP (SP values are the same for all colours). For a sweet treat, the glazed ring doughnut and gingerbread man are 8SP on Green, Blue and Purple.

Starbucks and Costa

If you've got the munchies and you're passing a Costa, the British ham and cheese toastie is 10SP on all colours. The tuna melt panini is 14SP on Green, and 13SP on Blue and Purple. You can also pick up a tomato and basil soup for 4SP on all colours. In need of something sweet? A custard tart is 7SP on Green, Blue and Purple.

If you prefer Starbucks, the Croque Monsieur Panini is 14SP on all colours, and the tuna melt panini is 12SP on Green, and 11SP on Blue and Purple. The Turkey & Bacon Feast panini is super festive but will set you back 18SP! Fancy something a little sweeter? A pain au chocolat is 11SP on Green, Blue and Purple, and a Skinny Blueberry Muffin is 12SP on all colours.