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Transport your taste buds to Venice

You feasted your eyes on Venice during our first ever virtual city tour. Now, it’s time to treat your taste buds to deliciously authentic Venetian fare.

From pubs to theatres, we’re all missing different things in lockdown. Among the raft of restrictions? Travel. 

You might be wondering when you can go on your next long-haul trip, or you might be missing the spontaneity of long weekends in Europe. Maybe you even had to cancel a holiday.  

If you’re missing the freedom to travel, you’re not alone - and we’ve launched a brand new experience in the WW app that could help ease the struggle.

Calling all travellers!

We’ve teamed up with Travel Curious to bring you exciting virtual city tours right from the WW app. We may be physically confined to the UK for now, but our brand new virtual travel experience gives you the opportunity to explore a new European city every two weeks. 

Our first virtual tour took place on Sunday 24th May, and whisked us away to beautiful Venice, where we feasted our eyes on canals, taverns, campos (squares) and of course, the famous Rialto Bridge!

Scroll down to find out more about Venice, and for recipes that will almost make you feel like you're there...

Venice: the jewel in Italy's crown

Arriving into Venice is like floating into a dream. 

With emerald waterways lapping at limestone steps, family-run trattorias tucked down labyrinthine back streets, and landmarks made famous by great works of literature, Venice is unlike anywhere else on Earth.

Close your eyes and you can almost see it. Gondoliers stoop under arched bridges, crooning softly as they weave their way through the lacework of glittering canals. Domes, towers and palaces seem to rise out of the water, dotting the stunning skyline with awe-inspiring antiquities. And if that’s not enough to tempt you, did we mention authentic Italian gelato

Home to a myriad of cultural and historical marvels, it's no wonder Venice has inspired authors, artists and poets for generations. The Romantic poets (think eighteenth century) were particularly enamoured with Italy’s famous floating city.

Take Percy Shelley’s Julian and Maddalo, for example:

“[...] in evening's gleam,
Its temples and its palaces did seem
Like fabrics of enchantment pil'd to Heaven.”

And Lord Byron’s Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage:

“I stood in Venice, on the Bridge of Sighs; 
A palace and a prison on each hand:
I saw from out the waves her structures rise;
As from the strike of the enchanter’s wand.”

Variations of the word “enchanted” pop up a lot, and sure enough, if you want to be dusted with magic and doused in otherworldliness, Venice is the place to be. In spite of the crowds, the city is escapism in its truest form, and inspires us to this day.

WW x Travel Curious

The essence of loveliness, our virtual tour of beautiful Venice - led by the wonderful Luca - was the perfect antidote to a not-so-lovely 2020.

Missed this one? Don’t worry, there are more virtual tours on the way! We’re running these every other Sunday at 11am from the Experiences at Home group in Connect.

Join us on Sunday 7th June when we’ll be visiting our next European destination. In the meantime, why not join the Travel group in Connect? Here's how to join a Connect group in the WW app:

Mouth-watering Venetian recipes

You've watched the tour and you've read the article - now it's time to taste the food! Try these deliciously authentic recipes to transport your taste buds to Venice. Enjoy al fresco for the true Italian experience!