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WW blog: Elisha talks all things #Festival

Hi guys, my name's Elisha (aka @rainbow___room) and I'm taking over the WW UK blog this week to talk all things #Festival!

It's that time of year where we dust off our wellies (or not…as the weather has been oddly fantastic so far this year!), shower in an array of glitter and head to a field to dance away with friends, armed with scrummy food and the odd tipple!

Recently I headed to Wireless Festival with an awesome crowd and had an absolute blast! It was a breath of fresh air to spend time with a group of inspiring, like-minded ladies.  Everyone was unique in their own way, but we could all relate to each other as a group of fellow WW Members.  We shared our journeys, what motivates us and why we feel WW works for us!

For most of us, festivals will be spent with friends who may or may not be following the WW programme.  Sometimes lasting all weekend, it can feel tough to stay on track.  However, fear not, as I'm here to share some of my top tips to make your festival experience WW friendly and one to remember…

1. Plan your SmartPoints®

Take advantage of your rollovers in the lead up to the festival, and save weeklies for scouting out the food stalls and drinks on offer!

2. Choose wisely
  • I was pleasantly surprised that festival food wasn't all greasy burger vans!
  • Festivals have tonnes of unique, one-off food/drink stalls that offer fresh, tasty and surprisingly tasty foods.  Don't be afraid to scout out your favourite eatery before taking your pick!  I chose a delish vegan friendly baby Buddha bowl (with soya chunk massaman curry and rice)!  Filling, tasty and perfect to fuel an afternoon of boogying!  Another favourite with the squad was chicken / veggie wraps, which looked equally tasty.
  • Favourite tipples of the day: spirits (vodka, gin, Jack Daniels, rum) with sugar free mixers (Pepsi Max, 7up Free) – for just 2 SmartPoints per drink.  Be sure to stay hydrated with plenty of water between the booze, this will help keep next day headaches and hangovers at bay.

3. Don't be afraid to look the part
  • When it comes to festival fashion, everything and anything goes!
  • Wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident and sassy - never be afraid to stand out from the crowd!  Individuality is most definitely celebrated at festivals.
  • I LOVE all things glitter, sequins and rainbow so my #Fashion was an embellished dress from @asos, rainbow trainers from @airandgrace and a sequin bumbag from @accessorize.  I received really kind compliments from strangers about my out-there outfit choice, so my advice is - if you love it, ROCK IT!
4. Get those FitPoints® in
  • Track your steps – you will walk miles without realising!
  • You'll also earn FitPoints by dancing around all day!  On that note, pack blister plasters and a strong deodorant!

The most important tip of all, have a fantastic time!  Yes, it's great to stay on plan where we can, but the beauty of WW is that it is just that, flexible!

  • A few days out of your normal routine will not hinder your success to date, so keep that in mind if you're giving yourself a hard time for enjoying scrummy food and thirst quenching bevvies!
Post festival tips

My post-festival weigh in was a mere 1lb gain - not bad at all considering I had a ball with decent food, drinks and company!

My pre-WW mindset would have been to write the whole week off and try to start again the following week.  This would do nothing but make me miserable and feel like I'd failed!  As I've been a Gold Member for over 3 years now, I've picked up a handy checklist over the years which will help us pick ourselves up and carry straight on:

1. No regrets – head to weigh-in with your head up, don't dwell if the outcome isn't quite as you'd have hoped, draw a line and think positive for a fab week ahead.  You HAVE got this!
2. Plan your meals – Set yourself up for a week of success by planning nutritionally delicious meals to help you swing back into routine – I found it helpful to scan WW magazines and cook books for new and exciting ideas.  Remember, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. 
3. Take full advantage of ZeroPoint™ foods – they are your friends!  Incorporate lots of zero heroes into your meals and whilst the festival blues may be kicking in, your WW halo will be gleaming in no time!

And there you have it guys, my #Festival! Check out this great article on festivals the WW way for some fab tips! I really hope this blog post has helped spread the festival vibes this summer.  If you have any questions whatsoever following this blog post, please do feel free to message me over on Instagram, at @rainbow___room.

Have yourselves a festival filled summer!

Elisha :-)  x x