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12 secrets to staying on track while socialising

What’s your tip for beating temptation while you’re socialising? Pick up some new ideas from us, as well as some smart members here.


If you’re having people over...

  • ‘Along with my friends’ and family’s favourite savoury and chocolatey treats, I buy lots of delicious, lower SmartPoints deli meats and beautiful fruits for myself. Then I feel like I have treats, too.’ Lucy, via Facebook.
  • ‘I ask everyone to cook their favourite food and bring it along, and I make my own low SmartPoints dishes.’ Michelle, via Facebook.
  • Make your side dishes sing! If you’re cooking a roast, create a variety of tasty low SmartPoints side options using interesting, brightly coloured vegetables in new ways – it will make eating healthily even more delicious. Find lots of ideas right here in the app - go to 'Discover recipes' to see all our latest recipe collections.
  • Make an impressive bowl of ‘mocktail’ punch. Pack it full of tempting ingredients, such as exotic fruit juices mixed with sugar-free lemonade or sparkling water, and invite guests to help themselves. Drinkers can add a splash of vodka or rum to their glass, if they like... 


If you’re visiting friends...                                           

  • Try not to eat with a direct view of the buffet table and, if possible, sit down. Standing up can make you bolt down your food, just so you don’t have to carry the plate. Eating slowly means you’ll register the process more and feel satisfied faster, so you’ll take in less food.                             
  • ‘I've bought myself a charm bracelet. For each 7lb I Iose, I’ve promised myself a new charm. Wearing the bracelet not only looks great, but also helps me to remember why I started the plan in the first place.’ Tracey, via Facebook.
  • ‘I plan ahead so that I’m never caught out too hungry. I’ll eat some ZeroPoint™ foods from the buffet, but stop when I’m feeling satisfied.’ Debs, Glasgow.


If you’re going out...                                                                  

  • ‘I have a large glass of water before having an alcoholic drink. It helps to keep me hydrated and stops me from drinking quite so quickly.’ Emma, Cardiff.
  • Get snap-happy. As the evening progresses, take on a role, such as photographer or games master – it’s a sociable way to pass the time and will be a fun distraction, too.
  • If I know there’s going to be lots of alcohol on offer I make sure I plan something fun for the next day, such as a family outing at a theme park or clothes shopping. The threat of having a hangover puts me off drinking completely!’ Sarah, Oxfordshire.
  • ‘I’m off on holiday next week, so I’ve been carrying my bikini in my handbag. Just looking at it steers me away from any unexpected treats!’ Toni, Canterbury.


And if you overindulge? Don’t stress!                                                          

  • ‘I’ll up my exercise if I feel I’ve overindulged. But it’s important to relax and enjoy special occasions. A treat every so often makes it easy to stay motivated to carry on being healthy for life.’ Kelly, Southport.