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This vegan jackfruit recipe will make you forget all about meat

Just one reason to add jackfruit to your shopping list.

What is jackfruit?


Jackfruit is a tropical fruit native to Asia that resembles pulled pork when cooked.

Along with the likes of tofu and seitan, jackfruit is becoming a popular meat alternative for people following plant-based diets.

Jackfruit is the largest tree-borne fruit in the world - a single fruit can weigh over 100lb! You can buy cans of jackfruit (generally in water) at a range of UK supermarkets.


What does it taste like?


Jackfruit is dense and fibrous, and often described as meat-like in taste and texture when cooked.

It's a versatile ingredient that is quick to take on the flavours of the spices it's cooked with.


Jackfruit burger recipe


We've used jackfruit to make a vegan 'pulled' meat substitute - ideal for spooning into soft bread rolls and enjoying as part of a SmartPoints®-friendly barbecue.

Teamed with celeriac fries, the entire dish clocks in at less than 8 SmartPoints!

So whether you're a lifelong vegan or you just fancy a meat-free dish, try our incredible jackfruit burgers this summer.

They're perfect for al fresco dinners during the week, or weekend garden gatherings with friends and family.

Discover how to make them in the video below, then find out how WW member Lou got on with our jackfruit burger in her blog.



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