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Eating healthily on the go: top snacking tips

Out and about? Get on top of your hunger with this smart snacking guide.

Out and about on WW


Have you recently joined WW, or are you thinking about signing up?

Once you've been on the programme for a few weeks, you may find that eating healthily at home becomes second nature. With a bit of advance planning, you can start stocking your fridge and cupboards with ZeroPoint™ foods and SmartPoints®-friendly ingredients, ensuring you have everything you need to make healthy meals and snacks.

But what if you're out and about? With processed food and unhealthy options around every corner, going into town or out for the day can prove tricky when you're on a healthy living programme. When hunger strikes, how can you guarantee you'll stay on track?

As with meal planning, supermarket shopping and cooking at home, the key is being prepared. How long will you be out for? If you're likely to need a full meal during that time, the WW app contains SmartPoints values for meals at popular restaurants, including McDonald's, Starbucks and Nando's. The flexibility of the WW programme means you can still enjoy a meal out, including fast food if you're on the go!

If you'll only be out for a few hours, why not prepare some snacks that will keep hunger at bay and fit snugly within your SmartPoints Budget? Scroll down to read our smart snacking guide. 


Smart snacking guide


Let’s talk about snacks. Often, they’re a source of delight in our day: a little something to break up the morning or get us through the afternoon. You might think of them as a treat, but snacks have an important role to play in keeping you healthy and energised.

“Healthy snacking can improve your health, manage your hunger, assist with weight management, regulate your mood and give you energy to keep going throughout the day,” explains dietitian Alex Parker from The Biting Truth. “Snacking is also an opportunity to sneak in nutrient-rich foods like fruit and vegetables.”

Not all snacks are created equal, though – poor snack choices can impact your healthy habits and weight loss efforts and leave you even hungrier. Want to know how to get those small bites right? Follow this guide for a strong snacking game.


Look at your options

The challenge with snacking? It’s all too easy to make unhealthy choices. Crisps, biscuits and chocolate bars are tempting when you’re hungry and even snacks that look like they’re a healthier option, such as energy bars and muffins, can be high in SmartPoints®, added sugars and saturated fat.

“Sneaky marketing and misleading labels can sometimes mean that junk foods are marketed as healthy snacks,” says Parker. “Always check the ingredients list of packaged foods and look for products with few ingredients and ingredients that you recognise, rather than numbers or words you can’t pronounce.”

Another common trap is portion size – snacks don’t need to be as big as a meal. “A good guide is to keep your snack to around 150 calories,” says Parker.


Know your needs

Whether or not you snack is totally up to you. But as a general rule, eating every three to four hours is smart as it can help to stabilise blood sugar levels and maintain your energy, notes dietitian Rachel Scoular, founder of Instagram account @healthyhappyhabits. “Often that looks like breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack and dinner,” she says. “If you rise early or exercise first thing, you’re probably looking at a morning snack too.”


Think clever

The key to a healthy snack is simple: prioritise protein and fibre. “Protein and fibre take longer to digest and break down, helping you feel fuller for longer,” explains Scoular. “And, when choosing snacks, think about how they’ll help you reach your daily targets of two serves of fruit, five serves of veggies and two-and-a-half serves of dairy. That way you aren’t eating empty calories.”

Delicious snacks that fit the brief include veggie sticks with hummus, low-fat cheese on wholegrain crackers, strawberries dipped in natural yoghurt, a portion of air-popped popcorn sprinkled with cinnamon, a pack of our salt & vinegar chickpeas, plain fat-free yoghurt with a piece of fruit, or a small handful of raw nuts.


Snack smart tips

There are plenty of ways to ensure you have healthy snack choices on hand when hunger strikes. Try these strategies:

1. Prep it. If you have spare time during the week, use it to whip up a batch of carrot cake snack bites (1SP per portion), boil some eggs, or slice veggies such as carrot, red pepper and cucumber and store in airtight containers in the fridge. Pop them on the top shelf so they’re the first thing you see!

2. Portion it out. Get in the habit of portioning out snacks, whether you’re at work or home. “Rather than keeping a large bag of nuts in your drawer at work, portion out 30g into zip-lock bags to help prevent overeating,” suggests Parker. Write the SmartPoints on the bag for easy tracking.

3. Stock up. Stash healthy options in your handbag or desk so you don’t turn to the vending machine. Try mini packs of natural popcorn, wholegrain crackers and nut butter, or bulk buy healthy snacks from the WW Shop.

4. Head to the supermarket. Caught out on the go? “The supermarket has your back,” says Scoular. “Fresh fruit and a tub of yoghurt, sliced cheese or a tin of tuna are easily found.” Keep a spoon or fork in your handbag and you’ll be good to go!

5. Stay hydrated. Sometimes thirst registers as hunger, so try to always carry a bottle of water and sip regularly to ensure you’re properly hydrated. Check out this WW Water Tracking Bottle with handy markers to stay on top of your hydration.


WW members share their snacking tips

“I just reach for a banana. They are magic!” Jenny Currie

“I make apple and cheese ‘sandwiches’ from apple slices and cheese.” Carmen Gibson (Top tip: Try WW reduced fat sliced cheese for a super SmartPoints-friendly snack, available at your local Asda, Tesco and Morrisons.)

“Planning is the key. I divide my snacks into individual bags and take some with me when I’m going out. Just in case I’m away longer than I think… Then I always have something on hand and know its SmartPoints value.” Ann Leaman