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WW blog: Christmas confessions of a chocoholic

Self-confessed chocoholic Amy shares her tactics for surviving the festive period.

Amy was following WW Freestyle™ (now Blue on myWW™) at the time of writing.

Hi everyone, my name’s Amy (@amyswwlife) and I’m a self-confessed chocoholic!

Throughout my WW journey, I’ve always found ways to include a chocolate fix in my day. A little of what you fancy really does do you a world of good! I personally find it better to allow myself a small treat here and there, as it stops me veering off track and going over my SmartPoints® Budget.

Each morning, I track my day on the WW app and leave 8 SmartPoints for snacks in the evening. This means I use a lot of ZeroPoint™ foods as a foundation for my diet, to ensure I have the extra points to satisfy my sweet tooth! 


Christmas is such a struggle for chocoholics


With Christmas coming up, there are temptations EVERYWHERE. In the supermarkets, coffee shops and even in clothes shops! It’s easy to get sucked into buying more than necessary, especially because you can only get some things once a year.

I find it’s always best to go shopping after you’ve had something to eat, as going shopping when you’re hungry can lead to buying more food and treats than you had anticipated.

Have you ever bought something at the supermarket for friends and family, only to end up eating it yourself because it looks so delicious? If you have (like me!) ask yourself before buying whether it really is for someone else... If not, can you use your weeklies to enjoy it? If so, great. If not, put it back!

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Tins of chocolates were my weakness


Tins of Christmas chocolates are also a tricky one. Before WW, my family would go through at least five tins before Christmas. I’d buy one tin, eat it, buy another and the cycle continued! It doesn’t help that they’re so affordable, either – £5 for a tin of chocolates, what a bargain!

It may not have stretched my financial budget, but when it came to my SmartPoints Budget it was another story. There are 165 SmartPoints in a tin of Cadbury’s Heroes! Now, I don’t let myself buy tins of chocolates until Christmas week. Instead, I enjoy other chocolate goodies with lower SmartPoints values that fit better with my Budget. 

Here are my top SmartPoints-friendly chocolates: 

  • Kinder Bueno Mini (1SP each or 2 for 3SP)
  • Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures (2SP)
  • Malteser Mini Reindeers (3SP) 
  • Mini Magic Stars (3SP)
  • Kinder Hippo (4SP)
  • Green & Blacks Mini’s (4SP) all varieties 
  • Fibre One Triple Chocolate Cake Bar (4SP)
  • M&S Skinny Chocolate Mousse (4SP)
  • Mini Smarties (4SP) 


Careful indulgence is the way forward


Have you bought yourself an Advent calendar this year? It’s well worth checking the SmartPoints in these, as some can cost you 4 SmartPoints per day! If you'd rather not use your Budget this way, there are lots of different types of calendars around now such as gin calendars (!) and calendars with beauty products instead of edible goodies. 

Find out the SmartPoints in your favourite Christmas tipple

If you prefer to bake your own goodies, why not give some away to friends and neighbours? I enjoy baking with my son Nicholas during the Christmas holidays, and while we love sharing chocolate treats with the family, it’s nice to spread the festive cheer and brighten someone else’s day with a cupcake or cookie. ‘Tis the season of giving after all – and it stops us overindulging. Win win!

We find our recipes in the WW app – I just search ‘chocolate’ in the recipe section. Our favourite is the chocolate brownie recipe from WW Comfort cookbook. The recipes have SmartPoints to make tracking quick and easy.

I hope you have a fun filled Christmas! 

Amy x