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Your festive SmartPoints® guide: supermarket foods vs WW recipes

Find out how many SmartPoints are in your favourite festive foods, and where you can make savings with WW recipes.

During the festive season, we're saturated with so much yumminess everywhere we look, particularly in our local supermarket.

Not to worry though - we've pulled together a quick guide to SmartPoints values for a few of your festive favourites, plus a WW recipe for each that's easier on your Budget. 

Mince pies

Nothing says Christmas quite like the quintessential mince pie. Traditionally deep-filled with mincemeat and encased in a yummy buttery and crumbly pastry, they're a staple at any Christmas gathering.

There are many different takes on the traditional mince pie, and plenty of varieties to choose from. Check out our guide below, including a WW mince pie recipe for just 3 SmartPoints.

All SmartPoints values are per pie, and are the same for all three colours (Green, Blue and Purple). Find out more about our customised plans.

  • Asda - 9 SmartPoints
  • M&S (the Collection) - 9 SmartPoints
  • Tesco (Finest) - 11 SmartPoints
  • Iceland (six-pack) - 10 SmartPoints
  • Morrisons - 11 SmartPoints
  • Sainsburys (deep-filled) - 9 SmartPoints

Red cabbage

This colourful wintery veg makes a lovely side dish during the feastive season. Quick and easy, it's always a hit and works beautifully with pork, chicken, turkey, nut roast - pretty much anything really!

SmartPoints values are per portion (detailed below) and are the same for all three colours.

  • Tesco (red cabbage & apple, 1/2 pack) - 8 SmartPoints
  • M&S (braised red cabbage with bramley apples, 1/2 pack) - 6 SmartPoints
  • Waitrose (red cabbage with apple, red wine & cranberries, 100g) - 5 SmartPoints
  • Sainsburys (braised red cabbage with apple & kentish cider butter, 1/2 pack) - 9 SmartPoints
  • Aldi (sweet braised red cabbage, 1/4 pack) - 7 SmartPoints

Roast potatoes

No Christmas dinner is complete without the star attraction - roast potatoes. Fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the outside, roasties are a family favourite and totally worth saving some SmartPoints for!

SmartPoints values are per portion and are the same for all three colours.

  • Tesco (Finest, with goose fat) - 11 SmartPoints 
  • Sainsburys (1/4 pack) - 4 SmartPoints 
  • Asda (1/4 pack) - 6 SmartPoints 
  • Aldi (with goose fat) - 8 SmartPoints 
  • Morrisons (frozen) - 6 SmartPoints
  • Iceland (frozen) - 8 SmartPoints



A childhood favourite, trifle is both nostalgic and delicious. Layered with sponge, jelly, custard and whipped cream - sometimes with added sprinkles - trifle is a tasty treat and a real crowd-pleaser, especially at Christmas.

Discover the SmartPoints values in your supermarket favourites below, then check out our Cheat's Trifle which is just 5 SmartPoints. See more Christmas dessert recipes.

  • Sainsburys (raspberry trifle, 1 pot) - 11 SmartPoints
  • Iceland (strawberry trifle, 1 pot) - 8 SmartPoints
  • Co-op (Simple value, strawberry trifle, 1 pot) - 9 SmartPoints
  • Tesco (Healthy living, strawberry trifle, 1 pot) - 7 SmartPoints
  • Waitrose (Essential, strawberry trifle, 1/4 pack) - 11 SmartPoints 
  • Asda (strawberry trifle, 1/4 pack) - 10 SmartPoints 
  • M&S (Count on Us, strawberry trifle, 1 pot) - 7 SmartPoints