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The Great British lockdown: banana bread recipes to bring out your inner baker

Lockdown is the perfect time to unleash your baking skills.
Published 8 April, 2020

From homemade bread to tasty cakes (to accompany all those cups of tea we're drinking), there's a baking frenzy sweeping the nation - and it seems we've gone a little, well, bananas for banana bread.

Far from missing out, WW members have been busy baking SmartPoints®-friendly goodies to enjoy, while staying on track with their healthy habits and weight loss goals.

Gold member Fiona Dawson recently posted her beautiful banana cake creation, complete with the recipe which includes Hazelnut Chocolate Sticks from the WW Shop.

Click the image below to see the post in full and get the recipe. Then, scroll down for three WW banana bread recipes.


Why are we SO obsessed with banana bread?


Aside from the obvious - it's delicious - why is banana bread the nation's choice of bake as we adjust to life in lockdown?

First of all, it's fairly simple to make, which means the kids can get stuck in (handy when they've finished their schoolwork and had their fill of arts & crafts). Secondly, the lovely aroma of home baking provides a source of comfort, something we all need in challenging times.

Baking also engages all five of our senses: we use our hands to knead and mix, listen to familiar sounds of spoons clinking and ovens humming, inhale those irresisitible baking aromas, feast our eyes and ultimately taste what we've created. This is a great way to feel grounded in times of chaos, and bring yourself back to the present moment if you find yourself worrying about the future. 


Bake your way through lockdown


If you fancy jumping on the banana bread bandwagon, dust off your baking equipment and try these tasty recipes you can take comfort in as a family.

They range from 2-6 SmartPoints depending on which recipe you choose and which plan you're on, so they slot nicely into your daily Budget too (or you can dip into your weeklies).

Kit yourself and your kitchen out at the online WW Shop, which stocks everything from Oven Baking Liners to aprons and oven mitts. We'll deliver right to your door!

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