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12 easy recipes for people who love eating but hate cooking

Cooking not really your thing? Don't worry - you can't go wrong with this lot.

If you're facing the prospect of cooking at home more often (and that's your worst nightmare), don't worry - we've got your back.

First, let's bust some myths. Homecooked meals don't have to take hours to make. Or require 500 ingredients. And, with our one-pot and one-pan recipes, you won't have to spend the entire evening washing up!

The 12 recipes below are proof that cooking really can be as easy as 1-2-3. Or just 1 in some cases (scroll for our beautiful purple smoothie bowl, which only requires you to do ONE thing).

From blitzing everything in a blender to throwing everything in a baking tray and letting the oven work its magic, these recipes take any notion of hard work out of cooking.

There are three breakfast recipes, three lunch ideas, three dinner recipes and three dessert recipes.


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