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Join the #WW5kMyWay challenge

We're inviting you, your family and friends to come together and make 8-9 June your 5k goal weekend!

Looking to take on a fitness challenge but feel a marathon is a stretch too far?! A 5k is just the thing to get you going, as it’s a good target if you're taking your first step into moving more, and a good challenge even if you're already active.

To help boost your activity plans, we're inviting you, your family and friends to make 8-9 June your 5k goal weekend. Whether you cover your 5k by jogging in the park, walking along the river, cycling around town or swimming in your local lido; how you go the distance is entirely up to you.

Looking for inspiration? Last year, three WW members - who follow each other's weight loss and wellbeing journeys over Instagram - teamed up to complete their 5k by walking up St. Catherine's Hill in Winchester. Find out how Elisha, Jude and Vicky got on in the video below.


And we'd love to hear all about your 5k too. Let us know if you're taking part by downloading the banners below so you can share your 5k achievement with pride! Don't forget to use hashtag: #WW5kMyWay.

'Count me in' banner

'I'm in' banner

'I nailed it' banner

'I smashed it' banner

'Done & dusted' banner


Training plan with a difference...

We’ve come up with a training plan to help you prep for a 5k in just four weeks, but it’s a plan with a difference. As well as the regular walking and running options, we’ve shaken things up so you can choose to swim or cycle part – or all – of the 5k, too. However you complete the challenge, your goal is the same: to cover 5k in one session, or over the course of a day.

Anyone and everyone can take part, no matter what your level of fitness or activity is to start. You choose the exercise you do, the pace, and how hard you push yourself. Once you’ve decided how you want to complete the fitness plan, you’ll be ready to fill in the blank training schedule and get started!