Fitness & workouts

3 apps that will change your life

Whether you want to eat well, get fit or feel better, there’s an app for that!
Published 24 July, 2017

If you want to… get into running

Try… Runkeeper, free (subscription charges apply for training plans), iOS and Android

This app works for everyone from beginners to advanced runners – you can set up a running group, find pre-planned routes, and track your runs. And if you want to progress further, there are running plans and training available from real coaches.

If you want to… relax

Try… Headspace, free foundation course (the subscription charges apply), iOS and Android

Headspace offers 10 free meditation sessions in a foundation pack to help you learn easy relaxation techniques. Afterwards, you can choose to subscribe and focus on health, performance or relationships, or go for one-off meditations.

If you want to… live a healthy lifestyle and find support

Try… WW app, free with online membership, iOS and Android

If you’re a Workshop + Digital or Digital Member, you need to download this! It’s the perfect companion to your get-healthy journey – you can track SmartPoints®, find recipes, use the barcode scanner to check SmartPoints values on the go, get expert advice from Online Coaches 24/7, and even track activity. Plus, you can join in with Connect, the WW exclusive social channel, to find member tips, advice, and support.