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Give golf a go!

Whether you’re a huge fan of the British Open or don’t know anything about the sport at all, playing a round of golf could help improve your health – and it’s a great way to spend time with your family too

Why play together?
Golf is one of the few physical activities that anyone can give a go, regardless of age, fitness level, or experience, making it a great family activity. Regular play can also improve cardiovascular health, self-esteem and blood sugar levels, and you could earn around 3 FitPoints®* in just half an hour.

What do we need?
Don’t worry about buying new kit; most golf courses have clubs and balls available for hire. You can find your nearest course online, and if it’s not clear whether they have equipment available, give them a call first to check. Make sure you wear something comfortable that you can move around in, as well as flat shoes, such as trainers or plimsolls, to help keep you balanced and stop you from damaging the course.

How do we start?
If you’re completely new to golf, you might want to try a taster session first to learn the basics and get to know the equipment. But if your family’s played a few rounds of crazy golf already, you should be fine to head straight to the golf course. Start with a 9-hole course to see how you get on, before progressing to an 18-hole course. If you or anyone you’re with is unsure of what to do, just ask for advice at the club – there’s normally plenty of people around willing to offer support to new golfers.

*FitPoints based on a 10st person exercising at moderate intensity.