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Hannah: 'I feel like I have achieved so much!'
Hannah has lost 1st with Everyone Active!
Published 3 December, 2020
When did you start your WW journey?

I’ve been on my WW journey since June 2019. When myWW+ launched in January last year I switched onto the Green plan, which I love. I felt like I had control over my food, but I know having been on one weight loss plan or another for most of my adult life, my best results are when I exercise as well.

What interested you in giving the Everyone Active opportunity a go?

When I saw the opportunity to get involved in the WW Partnership with Everyone Active, I absolutely jumped at the chance! I had already seen that a new Everyone Active gym was being built close to me and had thought about joining it when it was open, so it seemed like fate that this opportunity arose! I was so excited and happy when I was picked to join and couldn’t wait to get started.

My weight loss journey has been up and down over the last few years. This last year especially has been really difficult (for everyone!) and I have gained back a lot of the weight I had previously lost. I wasn’t feeling good about how I looked or how my body felt. I had wanted to be positive about the lockdowns and use them to change my body and mindset, but unfortunately it didn’t happen that way. I think lockdown has affected everyone differently and I turned to food to comfort myself. This opportunity was just what I needed to get myself back on track and make some positive changes to my life!

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Tell us a little about your Everyone Active experience!

I don’t think there’s anything I didn’t love about this experience. Jo was absolutely amazing! I had a weekly PT session with her over Zoom on a Wednesday evening. The first session we had together was for Jo to get to know me, find out if there were any exercises I didn’t like or couldn’t do, and we also discussed what my goals were. I told Jo my main goal was weight loss as I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be. One other goal I wanted to achieve was to be able to do a press up, which I have achieved! After the first session with Jo, she gave me my plan for the next few weeks. I was a bit worried when I saw the step goal (I was working from home at a desk at this point so barely moving) but it gave me the incentive to make sure I got up and moved around!

I also had weekly group sessions with the other WW ambassadors which were so great! We were able to support each other while having support and guidance from Jo. I really enjoyed these sessions! We had them on a Friday evening, and I’ll be honest, I felt very smug starting the weekend like this!

Part of the plan that Jo gave me was also to join Everyone Active classes that were being streamed on both Facebook and Instagram. There was such a variety of classes being held at all different times and if you were unable to join them live, they were saved onto the social media pages for you to go back and play. I did BoxFit, LBT, lower body & core and a few others. I even managed to persuade my boyfriend Alan to join in with me occasionally!

My favourite part about this whole experience was just how I managed to push myself to get this done. I’ve always been someone who really struggles to motivate myself when it comes to exercise. Being accountable (to a degree) to Jo to show that I was following the plan really helped me create great habits and get into a routine that I would be able to continue after this 8-week period comes to an end.

How has this opportunity helped you?

During this period, I feel like I have achieved so much! Not only physically but mentally as well. I’ve pushed myself and I really think that the results have paid off. I’ve lost just under 1 stone in the 8 weeks that I’ve been working with Jo and the Everyone Active team. There were ups and downs in my losses in that period, but it didn’t bother me as much as I can see a change in my body. I managed to get into jeans that hadn’t fitted for a long time - not only was I able to do them up, I could actually wear them comfortably! I can see an obvious difference in my figure when I put the photos next to each other from before I started which really gave me a boost in my confidence!

As well as losing almost 1 stone in weight, I’ve lost 4cms from my bust, 3cm from my waist, 6cms from my hips, 2cms from my legs and 3cms from my arms. I’m sleeping better and just generally feeling better in my body all together. I also feel more confident and my mindset about myself is a lot more positive as well!

This was an amazing experience, and I am intending on joining Everyone Active once the restrictions lift and the new one local to me is ready!