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The ultimate guide to eating out

There's no need to put your social life on hold when you’re getting healthy - just keep these tips in mind when you go out for a meal.

If you’re a bit of a social butterfly, you’re looking at the right weight loss programme. 

WW is all about freedom and flexibility, which means you can eat out and stay on track. Plus, you can quickly and easily find SmartPoints® values of meals at popular restaurants on our highly rated WW app.


Useful tips for eating out


Here are our 8 top tips for SmartPoints-friendly dining out.


1. Be budget-friendly

Plan ahead for your meal. Check out the menu online first, then use the WW app to find options that fit your budget (and track before you're at the table). Remember, with WW you have rollovers and weeklies which give you flexibility. Find out more about rollovers.


2. Order off-menu

Don’t be afraid to make a special request – it’s totally fine to ask for sauce on the side, or to order a salad instead of chips with your meal. It’ll help you keep your portions in check, so you can decide how much you want to eat.


3. Know the lingo

Your waiter can help you navigate the menu if you’re not sure what something means. If a meal includes anything smothered, rich, au gratin, glazed or creamy, it’s generally higher in SmartPoints values. Flame-grilled, poached, smoked, baked or grilled dishes are usually smarter choices.


4. Don’t clean your plate

If you’re feeling comfortably full, don’t force yourself to finish everything off. You’ll feel better if you stop when you’re satisfied. If you can’t bear to leave your leftovers, ask to take them home for tomorrow’s lunch – or share with friends.


5. Be salad savvy

Tuck into a fresh, leafy salad, topped with grilled chicken, fish, and low-fat dressing. Bear in mind that extra toppings like croutons, bacon, nuts and seeds increase the SmartPoints.


6. Don’t go hungry

Make healthy, filling choices throughout the day, so you don’t turn up to your meal hangry (that’s hungry and angry – eek!). That way, you won’t overindulge in the bread basket, and you’ll be more likely to really enjoy your dinner.


7. Stay hydrated

It’s absolutely fine to have that glass of wine – but keep your body happy by alternating any alcoholic drinks with a glass of water. Plus you’ll feel better in the morning, too. Discover all the health benefits of drinking water.


8. Celebrate!

The real point of eating out? To enjoy yourself! If you go slightly over Budget, don’t stress as you can always tap into your weeklies. And if you go over your weeklies? You can always start fresh tomorrow.