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Digital 360

How to access the NEW Digital 360 Experience

Please read and follow the below instructions carefully in order to access our NEW experience, any questions please get in touch with a member of the customer services team for support.

Before following the below instructions please make a note of your current WW username and password - you will NOT be able to access Digital 360 without this information.

You can find your username by clicking on the ‘profile’ icon in the WW app. Selecting the ‘cog’ icon then scroll down to the ‘account’ section, which is where your username will appear. If you cannot remember your WW password, please log out and follow the ‘recover my account’ process. You may want to make a note of the colour food plan (Blue, Green, Purple) that you are currently following as you might need to switch back to it when logging into Digital 360. Don’t worry, we have noted how to switch your food plan in step 13.

It is recommended that you read the instructions carefully before proceeding in order to preserve your account information.

You can follow the below steps on a mobile device or desktop, the following images were taken from an iOS device. If you are accessing Digital 360 on and Android the layout may differ.

1. Log out of the WW app on your mobile device or desktop.

Click on the ‘profile’ icon in the WW app. Select the ‘cog’ icon and scroll down and select ‘Log out’

2. Click on this website link, the below page will load

3. Select ‘Sign-up’ today

Please swipe left to see step 4-9.

4. Select ‘Continue with this plan’

Please swipe left to see step 10-14.

10. Well done - you're in! The the below screen should now appear

11. Please click out of your internet browser. Open the WW app and log in with your WW app username and password.

The same account details from step 6 & 7