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A collection of foods and members who have lost weight with WW. Claire, drinking a Summery drink, has lost 3 stone, 11 lbs. Tony, preparing a meal, has lost 2 stone 8 lbs. Lorraine Kelly, preparing a meal, has lost 17lbs. People following the WW program can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/week.
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*People following the WW programme can expect to lose 1-2 lbs/week.

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An innovative, award-winning app that puts self-guided weight-loss at your fingertips.


An innovative, award-winning app that puts self-guided weight-loss at your fingertips.

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  • Eat well: That’s right - eat “well”, not less! Your 100% individualised PersonalPoints programme opens the virtual door to a food tracker, huge recipe and restaurant database, meal planning, a barcode scanner, and restaurant finder. So eating has got a whole lot more fun and flexible.
  • Move more: Activity dashboard and guided workouts from WW coaches and obé fitness. Discover workouts, walks, and classes when you want them and as often as you want them, all at your pace and convenience. And every move and step counts toward adding Points to your daily budget.
  • Strengthen your mind: Long-term wellness starts with the right mindset - and the WW app. Find your inner calm, strength and resolve with 5-minute Coaching audio, 24/7 chat with a Coach, Connect social network, and Breethe) meditations. And yes, just tap on that app!
  • Sleep better: Quality ZZZ’s are the bedrock to better health, mood balance, and yes, food choices. Go-to-bed reminders, sleep tracking and meditations will all help improve that critical sleep-weight connection. Sweet dreams.
  • Also includes a personalised action plan and progress report so you see your success, every step of the way.

WW is proud to partner with the NHS.

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†Based on a 2020 IQVIA survey of 14,000 doctors who recommend weight-loss programs to patients.