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Curtis Pritchard joins the WW family
Professional dancer and popular TV personality Curtis Pritchard joins WW to begin his weight loss & wellness journey.

Welcome to WW, Curtis!


Curtis Pritchard has joined WW to build healthier habits, so he can live a healthier and more active lifestyle.



Curtis commented: “I had an amazing time in the villa, it felt like an eight week holiday. My body changed shape because I wasn’t eating well or exercising. I certainly didn’t expect to see the level of criticism I received when I left.

"I have never been overweight, but have seen my weight yo-yo throughout my childhood, and it can spiral out of control when I am off the road and not performing. I have tried many ‘crash’ diets but none of them have worked for me. They don’t allow me to eat properly so I find myself binge-eating and the weight piles back on. This makes me feel really low and I lack motivation." 

Curtis Pritchard joins WW

Curtis's journey...

The WW programme will give Curtis the freedom and flexibility to enjoy the foods he loves, help shift his mindset and focus on sustaining a healthy lifestyle. He will have plenty of support on his journey, and is working with a WW Coach, attending Workshops and using the WW app to follow the programme.

Curtis says...

"I am really excited to join WW as an ambassador and pleased to be following a programme that’s right for me. For me this isn’t just about losing weight, it’s about being a healthier version of me. I want to build healthy habits that allow me to adopt the right mindset, and sustain a healthier and active lifestyle that fits around my schedule."

Follow his journey


As an ambassador for WW, Curtis will be sharing his weight loss and wellness journey, along with the motivation behind his lifestyle changes, on his social channels.

Follow him on Instagram and Twitter to stay connected to his journey, whether he's working, travelling or at home. 

Jemma Banks, Marketing Director at WW UK, says: “We are so happy Curtis is joining our WW family and are looking forward to supporting him on his journey in transforming his relationship with food and wellbeing. We know his infectious energy and positive mindset will definitely help inspire others to adopt healthy habits.”


The WW programme


The WW programme is grounded in science, enabled by technology and powered by community.

It is more effective and liveable than ever, and WW remains a category leader, having been ranked #1 “Best for Weight Loss” for the ninth year in a row by health experts in the 2019 Best Diets rankings released by U.S. News & World Report.

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