Healthy Eating Q&A with Jemma from Celery & Cupcakes

We welcome back Jemma, otherwise known as Celery & Cupcakes, who recently collaborated with is on our campaign Activate Your Autumn. With her positive approach to food, she will be providing us with some amazing ‘treat’ recipes alternatives to help support a healthier lifestyle and be kinder to yourself in 2016.

To find out more about Jemma, check out her blog Celery & Cupcakes here.


Q. As a health and fitness expert how do you advise people to begin a new year?

A. There’s lots of ‘new year, new you’ phrases being thrown around at the beginning of the year, which is great, however I really think it’s nice to be happy with what you are already blessed with and be comfortable in your own skin in. Learning to love yourself and practising acts of kindness towards yourself is just a part of being healthy as making the right food choices for your body and exercising.


Q. How important is it to incorporate treats into your overall healthy lifestyle plan?

A. Personally, this is so important! I don’t believe in restriction and a lot of faddy diets concentrate on what we shouldn’t be eating as opposed to what we should be eating. A healthy lifestyle is all about enjoying the foods that you love to nourish your body and in my eyes that includes cake, chocolate, pizza – whatever you fancy, life would be far too boring otherwise! It’s all about moderation and finding that happy balance that works for you.


Q. Do you intend to change what you’re doing this year?

A. There is always room for improvement and after finding myself in a fitness rut in the latter part of 2015 I’m going to be working on that a lot this year. I’ve already signed up to a new fitness class and registered to run a half marathon. I’m really excited about both prospects and feel really motivated to find my fitness mojo again. I think changing things up and keeping things fun and interesting really helps.


Q. What were your first impressions when seeing the #WomanKind video?

A. I found the video extremely empowering and inspirational. It’s so lovely to see women forming such strong bonds and surrounding themselves with loving and fun people that make them happy. On the flip side, it highlights a massive issue that we experience as women that we all need to work on, the relationship we have with ourselves. This is why #WomanKind is such a positive movement.


Q. What does the term ‘WomanKind’ mean to you?

A. Taking care of ourselves goes deeper than working out 5 times a week, it also involves practising actions of kindness towards ourselves, which is why I really like the #WomanKind campaign. To love yourself and have a positive outlook about your life, appearance and aspirations are by no means an easy feat. However, practicing self-love and having self-respect for yourself can influence many of the life decisions that we make. Appreciating our own self-worth, which can be developed through many acts of self-kindness allow us to grow as people and enhance our health and well being.


Q. Do you feel that women put themselves under too much pressure and why?

A. Simple answer, YES! I think the media have a lot to answer for in this department and their sometimes-skewed perception of healthy. Health is such a subjective term and what works for one person isn’t going to work for another. It’s all about finding your version of healthy to help you feel your most awesome.


Q. 85% of women would like to be kinder to themselves in 2016 – how do you think they could do this?

A. I’m so happy to hear that a huge percentage want to be kinder to themselves this year! One of my big things that I’m really working on this year is to make time for myself everyday. Whether it’s 2-minutes or an hour, make time in your day that is dedicated to you, where you can indulge your passions, recollect your thoughts or simply relax. Just a small snippet of your day where you focus on yourself can make all the difference to your all round happiness and your mind and body will thank you for it later.


Q. Who really inspires you and why?

A. I don’t really have one person that inspires me, but I tend to be drawn to strong independent women who are doing their own thing in this world and just own it!


Q. What would be your advice for women looking to develop a positive relationship with themselves?

A. I have so much to say on this topic and one major thing that I think that we’re all prone to is comparing ourselves to others and it needs to stop. We are all individual and being unique is what makes us beautiful. Focusing on yourself, what is positive in your life and your own abilities is really empowering. Another big tip is to be yourself, being happy with who you are is the first sign that you’re comfortable in your own skin and love who you are. Lastly, accepting that you’re not perfect and stop punishing yourself is so important – be happy with who you are, flaws, warts and all!


Q. What are your aims for 2016?

A.  A big aim for me this year is invest in myself, which I’ve already started working on already. I really think that it’s important that we make ourselves a priority from time to time and that’s part of my big plans for 2016. I’ve already signed up for a half marathon as a challenge and started my photography course to learn something new, which I’m really enjoying.

In the next few weeks over on my blog I’ll be launching Project YOU!, a 10 day challenge aimed at women looking to practise self-love and kindness towards themselves that I’m really excited about.



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