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Top tips to achieve your SmartPoints® Budget with WW

Here’s how to hit your SmartPoints Budget for the day.
Published 9 April, 2019

If you’ve recently joined or you’re thinking about joining WW, you may be wondering how you’ll manage to stay within your SmartPoints Budget.

Everything you need to know about SmartPoints

How many SmartPoints am I allowed?

Once you’re more familiar with the myWW™ programme and you’ve started exploring all the ZeroPoint™ foods available, you may actually worry that you won’t hit your Budget!

On myWW, you’ll be matched with a customised plan - Green, Blue or Purple - based on a brief assessment in the WW app. All three plans are designed to result in similar weight loss.

If you’re matched with Green, you’ll get a sizeable SmartPoints Budget and build meals and snacks around 100+ ZeroPoint foods including fruits and veggies.

If you’re matched with Blue, you’ll get a moderate SmartPoints Budget and build meals around 200+ ZeroPoint foods including fruits, veggies, and lean proteins.

If you’re matched with Purple, you’ll get a modest SmartPoints Budget and build meals around 300+ ZeroPoint foods including fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains.

(You can switch between plans, but we recommend waiting two weeks before making a change. This is because it can take a while to get used to a whole new way of eating, and our research shows that two weeks is a good amount of time to adjust.)


How to meet your SmartPoints Budget


Your SmartPoints Budget is personalised using your age, height, weight and gender so may differ from the examples provided below. These should not be considered meal plans as they may not be nutritionally balanced; they are purely to give you an idea of the foods you can eat on myWW.



Here’s what a typical day could look like with a daily SmartPoints (SP) Budget of 30:

Top tips

  • Have a banana with lunch for no extra SmartPoints
  • Snack on our Sour Cream & Chive Lentil Curls (2SP) and sliced pear with 1 tbsp almond butter (3SP) 
  • Serve the lasagne with veggies or undressed salad for no extra SmartPoints
  • Fill up on ZeroPoint fruits and veggies throughout the day if you get peckish
  • You could also eat out for lunch, for example a Subway Veggie Delite on Italian White Bread (6”) with Chipotle Southwest Sauce is 9SP. The possibilities are endless!



Here’s what a typical day could look like with a daily SmartPoints Budget of 23:

Top tips

  • Snack on a fresh fruit salad with plain fat-free yogurt for 0SP
  • Snack on root vegetable crisps with houmous (3SP) and a WW Chocolate Crunch Protein Bar (2SP) after lunch or during the day
  • Enjoy a small glass of red wine with dessert for 3SP
  • Instead of the salad and protein bar for lunch, you could go to Pret a Manger and have the Free Range Egg Mayo Sandwich for 8SP. Stay on track by skipping dessert, or enjoy it by tapping into your weeklies.




Here’s what a typical day could look like with a daily SmartPoints Budget of 16:

Top tips

  • Enjoy a medium latte with skimmed milk with breakfast (4SP)
  • Snack on 0% fat natural Greek yogurt topped with fresh fruit during the day (0SP) 
  • Enjoy a medium glass of red wine with dinner OR a slice of chocolate cheesecake with cherry sauce (4SP each)

What happens if I don’t meet my daily SmartPoints Budget?


Every day, you have the option to roll over a maximum of 4 unused SmartPoints to your bank of weekly SmartPoints. This gives you more flexibility to ‘spend’ extra SmartPoints at the weekend or for a special occasion. Read more about rollovers.


What happens if I go over my daily SmartPoints Budget?


That’s okay! In addition to your daily Budget, you’ll get a weekly ‘cushion’ of SmartPoints that you can tap into whenever you like, whether you fancy a second glass of wine during the week or you’ve got a big meal out planned for the weekend.