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10 tips to stay on track on the run-up to Christmas and NYE

Try these 10 quick tips to look and feel your best this Christmas.
Published 19 November, 2016

It’s almost party time, and you want to look your best…

We all have times when we need just a little bit more help to stay on track, and the run-up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve is definitely one of those times! If you’re keeping up your exercise regime and following your healthy eating plan, you’re well on your way to success. But if you need a little motivational boost, you’re in the right place, wherever you are on your journey…

1. Remember to plan ahead
If your tracking is lacking, Julia Westgarth, Head of Programme for WW, says: "Plan ahead, so you’re tracking food in advance, rather than after you’ve eaten. That way, you’re in control."

2. Get happy
Social connections can boost feelings of wellbeing. Meet a friend and celebrate your loss so far, or post a celebratory status on Connect.

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3. Weigh everything
By now, you know what a portion of pasta looks like, right? Wrong! Julia says: "Weighing is the best way to avoid portion creep – a common cause of weight stagnation."

4. Check in with yourself
Start a daily journal. Noting down your thoughts will help you see when your emotions make you turn to food for comfort.

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5. Take a little bow
Celebrate sticking at it by giving yourself a (non-food) reward such as a new lipstick or a home screening of your favourite movie.

6. Eat more veggie meals
Mix things up a bit by building regular meat-free days into your diet. It’s good for your health and there are a whole host of low SmartPoints® veggie meals, too.

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7. Pep yourself up
Shorter and darker days can make you feel more lethargic, so try sniffing peppermint essential oil – a US study found that it can make people feel more alert. Sprinkle a couple of drops on a tissue, inhale and… zing! Or just put on some music and have a boogie round the living room.

8. Embrace the gratitude attitude
Make a note of three things you’re grateful for today and adopt it as a regular habit. It's an easy way to put yourself in a more positive frame of mind, which will help you focus on your goal.

9. Find a go-to supper
Weeknights in a whirl? Have a go-to recipe to hand for when you don’t have time to explore something new. Try these 12 easy dinner ideas for busy weeknights.

10. Drink more water
Aim for eight 200ml glasses a day. But stop drinking an hour before bedtime, so you don’t need to get up in the night.