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WW blog: Stacey talks about making time for herself with #MeTime

Published 30 July, 2018

Introducing Stacey...

Hey, I'm Stacey, aka @soupdragon67 on Instagram. 

As a mum, wife, manager, colleague, friend, daughter (this list could go on & on) looking after no. 1 is a challenging task in the hussle and bustle of modern life.  When you add into the mix a serious health scare, the waters get even more muddied.  The desire to look after yourself gets swallowed up by daily life, and inevitably you find yourself way down the pecking order and struggling to even fit in a quick cup of tea.

Throughout my weight loss journey I have endeavoured to try and redress that balance. A wise lady once told me that it was impossible to give from an empty vessel, and she was so very right – I’m no good to others if I don’t look after myself.  It really is a mindset that you have to work hard on. You have to banish the thoughts that you are being selfish and put yourself at the top of the pile.

I'm a huge advocate for loving yourself and find this massively important in weight loss.  You are important. You deserve to feel good. You are beautiful. You will lose weight. You can do much more than you think you’re able to.  Why are we so guilty as a society to put ourselves down all the time?  Using positive language about yourself is the first step to breaking that cycle. Every time a negative comment or self-criticism pops into your head – why not try and find the positive comeback for yourself. Compliment yourself! Go on - try it in front of the mirror when you are brushing your teeth?!

But, in order to make the change it can often mean taking action too. Somehow carving out that extra time in your day to be kind to yourself.  Finding your “MeTime” is important. It’s so worth it – I promise! Check out this fab article to help you find your 'me time'.

As mum to 2 lively dogs, I have come to cherish the time out walking them.  Setting the alarm 30 minutes earlier of a morning and getting out into the fresh air with them is a great way to “find” that extra time for myself and it ticks off one chore from the to do list!  The walk, in peace, allows me to think through the day ahead, make the mental list of things that need to be done, plan my breakfast and meals for the day and get a little exercise before the pressures of the day really start.  Walking in the early mornings is a great way to kick start your day, even if you don’t have a dog. 

Another key thing I do to take time out is to plan a hot bubble bath into my day, usually as a way of winding down in the late evening. Treating myself to a luxurious bubble bath that smells divine, filling the tub to almost overflowing with the hottest water my toes can handle, locking the bathroom door, and just soaking in the water for 20 minutes……..sometimes I listen to music, but other times it's my chance to switch off and just relax.  It’s funny how that precious time makes things calmer, refreshes my mind and helps me face the next item on my to do list.  It really is worth the effort!