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WW blog: Our bloggers reveal their best bits...

Published 17 July, 2018

It's so easy to look in the mirror and focus on the bits we least like. But, we want to turn that on it's head! We talked to members about celebrating their best bits. It’s all about positive thinking and grabbing hold of the little moments that bring us joy, which means banishing negative thinking and celebrating the bits of our bodies we love! Here's what some of our bloggers had to say...

Tracy aka @taggy76“Never one to wear an off the shoulder top usually as I could never get a bra big enough to hold the puppies up when I was a larger lady, let alone no straps and because I'd hate to wear anything that stood out in bright, colourful patterns. But now I’m embracing colours, off the shoulder tops AND strapless bras! Feeling good!”

Stevie aka @stevielena_wwgoldmember​“My legs have never been my favourite feature. I never liked to show them off because to me they’re knobbly, chunky, battered and bruised, they never seem to tan and I have varicose veins which I’m conscious of. But thanks to WW I’m slowly learning to embrace them. I’m actually wearing shorts (albeit in the privacy of my garden at the moment - but I will be daring and head out to my meeting in them later) and I even feel quite comfortable in them instead of picking out my faults or feeling self conscious. So although I’m not expecting good things from the scales tonight, it won’t take away the fact that I’m currently wearing size 6-8 shorts and feeling happy in them. This journey is about so much more than a number on the scales. You’ve got to count all of the little victories! “

Laura T aka @tigapuss“Here’s me in Mexico! Before I lost weight there is NO WAY JOSE I would have worn a bikini, let alone let my partner take a photo of me sitting down wearing one! Losing weight has helped my confidence to soar!”

Nikki aka @miss.weightwatcher“Wedding ready! Love how WW has given me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and wear dresses I don't normally wear! Rocking the dip low hem and Bardot style. Loving my shoulders!”

Kate B aka @kate_ww_weight_mate_gal“Today it's been mega hot and I'm embracing summer clothes ... I may be a long way off my goal but I'm throwing the confidence out there because I'm me and gotta LOVE yourself!”

Vicky aka @the_mumtum_diaries“This morning I was chatting to a friend. She said my arms were still quite big compared to the rest of me. Obviously they're going to be, losing over 4st there's going to be excess. Anyway I said I have the same on my belly - I don’t care, I'll show you.
After telling me  I could have surgery for my tummy, and reasoning I can keep it hidden - little does she know I'm embracing the summer and putting on a bikini!  

A year ago I would have dwelled on that for days and made myself really low. I would have felt ashamed. Thankfully I don't anymore.  I joke that it resembles a wrinkly old peach  but actually it resembles who I am. It's two kids, a wife, a daughter, a friend, who likes chocolate and wine and a good laugh. It's my mum tum and I love it!”

Fiona aka @fiona_dawson“Instead of always covering up my upper arms like I used to do, I now love showing them off since exercising with weights alongside my weight loss.”

Jude aka @vegetarian.jude​“I love to walk along the south coast of England, but before WW I couldn’t climb some of the pathways. I started off walking in places accessible like the Millennium Walkway in Portsmouth, it’s all marked by the chained motif pathway for all to follow. Whatever the weather, come rain or shine it’s a great way to get outdoors and enjoy free exercise! Take in the wonderful sights along the way, as well as spend precious time with friends and family.

‘These feet were made for walking...’ I aim to continue this enjoyable way to spend my free time and I’ve invested in decent walking shoes, and a walking pole to help with the more challenging routes!”

Jonny aka @_PrinceOfPoints​“My favourite thing about my transformation so far is the fact I’ve developed a jaw line. I used to have a double (or even treble chin  - eek!) and now I actually have a bone structure to my face. This has given me so much confidence and I really feel like it highlights my dark features like my brown eyes. I’m also happy that I have discovered new bones like a collar bone lol!”

Lucinda aka @lucindasw10doingweightwatchers"My favourite part of my body which I hated for years because I felt short and stumpy is my legs !!! At 5ft 2 I felt  so small but now these legs are strong and carried me 26.2 miles for a marathon!!! My daughter Isabelle is proud of her running mummy!"