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WW blog: “I sleep better and stress less thanks to Headspace”

Gemma tells us how our partnership with Headspace has totally transformed her wellbeing.
Published 11 March, 2019

Hi everyone, my name’s Gemma Holden, you can find me on Instagram @princessface88.

I started my WW journey on the 8th January 2018 following an indulgent Christmas and after making the usual ‘New Year, new me’ resolution – the same one I set every year!

Well, this time it really was a New Year, new me and by August I had lost 3 stone! I was so happy, especially because it was just in time for my 30th birthday. It was the perfect present to myself.

I’ve always struggled to lose weight

I’ve really struggled with weight loss since having my three children. In fact, I’ve always struggled to lose weight, but more so after having my kids.

I tried everything, literally everything, to lose it but it just kept finding me! My friends would joke: Gemma you’ve been on a diet all your life, but you look the same, what’s going on? I often wondered myself!

I never got anywhere; I would try something for a couple of weeks and then give in because the results were too slow. I’d then move onto something else, then something else. The problem was, I wanted it yesterday and my mindset just wasn’t ready.

I loved WW so much, I became a WW Coach!

Then I tried the WW programme. Seriously, the WW weight-loss programme is amazing and it just worked for me! The flexibility is brilliant, and I love the way it’s built around the three pillars (eat what you love, shift your mindset and find what moves you).

I loved it that much, I only went and became a WW Coach myself! In June 2018, I finished my training and now run three WW Workshops in the Blackburn/Darwen area.

Mindset is so important

For me, the most important aspect of the programme is mindset, and I talk about it every single week in my Workshops.

Our minds are the most powerful tool we have. Everyone is different, but I personally believe that I wouldn’t be where I am now without the right mindset.  

I love that there are so many tools on the WW website to help support this part of the plan and help you along your journey.

When I started in January 2018, I spent my first night looking through everything: the WW books, all the information on the website, success stories, the articles on the back of the weekly recipe cards…everything has been a huge help on my journey.

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My mind was working overtime at night

Then, WW teamed up with Headspace.

Having two part-time jobs, a husband, three kids and a chocolate Labrador, it’s safe to say I’m a busy lady! I’m constantly on the go and when I eventually climb into bed at the end of the day, that’s when my brain starts working overtime.

Have I put the wash on? Are the packed lunches made? Did I make an appointment for tomorrow? Where did I put my diary? Why do they call an apple an apple? I had the typical chatty brain at night and would be up for hours tossing and turning – and then of course telling myself to stop thinking (and we all know, the more we tell ourselves not to think of something, the more we’re going to!).

Mediating was never my thing

Even though meditating has never really appealed to me, I decided to give Headspace a try, so I set myself the goal of listening to the 10-minute End of Day meditation the following evening.

I certainly intended to listen to the full session, but I only remember getting up to a certain point and then my alarm went off – I must have fallen asleep! From that moment, I was sold.

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Headspace has transformed my sleep

Headspace has totally transformed my sleep. I listen to the End of Day meditation every night, and I’ve still never been able to finish it because it knocks me out!

There are five curated experiences in the WW app, including a meditation which you can do if you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed during the day. I’ve done this twice and it’s really helped me refocus.

I always wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to go because I’ve had a full night’s sleep and I’m just less stressed in general. Headspace has also helped my 11-year-old daughter with her sleep, so the whole family is benefitting.

I’m so happy that Headspace is part of the WW app. In fact, I would love to meet the founders of Headspace and give them a hug for helping me calm my hectic mind! Thank you WW and thank you Headspace!

Make time to meditate

You may think meditating and mindfulness isn’t your thing, or that you’re too busy to fit it into your life.

Honestly, it wasn’t really my thing and I’m super busy too, but now I schedule meditation in my diary as it’s an important part of my life.

We often tell members that they are important, and that’s because you are! Without you, how many things would not happen on a day-to-day basis? How many people rely on you? That’s why it’s so important to check in on your stress levels and make sure you get enough sleep.

If I could recommend one thing, it would be to give yourself a little down time to fill your cup before you fill everyone else’s. And take full advantage of the tools that WW has to offer!

I firmly believe that once you’ve mastered your mindset, everything else in your life falls into place.

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