WW blog: Fiona shares her top tips to declutter your home and mind this spring

“Being organised helps me feel calmer and more in control”
Published 6 March, 2019

Tidy home, tidy mind.

This week, Fiona is taking over the blog to talk about how decluttering and staying organised helps her feel calmer, less anxious and more in control.

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“Tracking and planning keeps me organised”

Hello, I’m Fiona Dawson and I’ve been a WW member since November 2016. I lost just under 4 stone and have maintained that loss since getting to goal in May 2017. You can find me on Connect via the WW app as @fionahroberts or my Instagram handle is @fiona_dawson.

I’m 48 years old, married to Mr D, living in Oxfordshire and work part-time in my local supermarket. I have a passion for cooking and have learnt so much about healthy foods on my WW journey. Exercise is one of my new found loves since starting my healthy lifestyle as it has helped transform my body shape. 

I’ve always been known for being Little Miss Organiser and for being a compulsive list writer. 

When I joined WW I knew that I would be in heaven writing up food plans, recording my food in the app and tracking my FitPoints®.

It all helps to make my life easier and more organised, and I find that being organised and tidy in my lifestyle keeps my mind tidy too.

“Clutter makes me feel stressed”

I know what it’s like to want to spend what little spare time there is following our passions and living life to the full – not doing paperwork, shopping and housework! Having previously juggled a full-time job in addition to looking after the household, I know how hard it can be to find time to do the simplest of jobs.  

I’ve always been one for organization. Even at a young age, my school pencils were always neatly arranged by colours! I’m not one for clutter and I enjoy a good tidy up and clear out, keeping only the things I really need. 

When things get on top of me it's usually because I’ve got too much stuff lying around (things not fitting in cupboards, paperwork not filed etc) so I just make time to do a bit of decluttering. 

When I exercise regularly, eat properly and have no dishes in the sink and no paperwork to process, I feel healthier and happier in myself. I also sleep better as my mind is clear of clutter. 

Here are my top tips for decluttering your home, lifestyle and mind:

Colour-coordinate your wardrobe

My clothes are all organised in my wardrobe in such a way that when I come to choose what to wear, I can clearly see where everything is and what choices there are – and so I usually make a quick decision.

  • I have all my clothes organised by items, then by colour, so if I’m feeling like a red day, I can see all my red items together and quickly choose what I want.
  • I have clear shoe boxes in drawer-style units, so I can glance over them and easily make a quick decision.
  • I always put everything away each night and get things out ready for the work the next day, so I’m not rushed in the morning.
  • All these things save me time in the long run. I also don’t have to think too much which helps keep my mind clear and focused.

Get your paperwork in order

Between my husband and I, our paperwork is always up-to-date so we only have to do a few things now and again. If we need it, it gets filed; if we don’t it gets shredded or thrown away. 

Getting it done straight away means it’s out of sight and out of mind.  Sure, sometimes things can go astray and get a little disorganised, but I make sure I allocate time to sort it so it doesn’t get too out of control.   

Organise your kitchen cupboards

I keep my kitchen cupboards super organised so it’s easy to find everything, saving time if ever I’m in rush. I know exactly what foods I have in the cupboards, which again saves time and effort when doing my food planning and makes things quick and easy when cooking. 

I organise my cupboards like this:

  • All the bottle labels are facing towards the front
  • Taller items are towards the back of the cupboard
  • Similar items are grouped together
  • Items are stored in clear containers, so I can see at a glance exactly what we have

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Clear your mind with exercise 

Having a tidy mind helps me find time for myself which, since I joined WW, includes finding the time to exercise. 

When I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed, I find that the perfect way to relax and unwind is to take myself off for a run. 

We’re lucky enough to live in the countryside where there are plenty of scenic routes, and when I run, I feel like I have no cares in the world (other than focusing on my fitness). Exercise in general makes me feel reenergised, positive and happy. 

“Keeping on top of things is key”

With less clutter and more organisation in my life, I feel less anxious and more in control. Keeping on top of things is the key, as that’s when it becomes a habit. Plus, doing it regularly means it never takes long.

I feel calm when everything is in order, which clears my mind and gives me more time for myself, my husband and my friends & family without feeling overwhelmed that I’ve still got so much to do. It’s so important to enjoy the special times and make the most out of life.