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What's your why?

16 members tell us why they want to get healthy with WW.
Published 14 December, 2018

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Laura Jane Washington @heffer2hench

"My why would have to be...for that feeling when you can pick up anything in the wardrobe and know you'll feel fabulous in it!"




Kate Hogarth @keepingkate

"To be the fittest and healthiest mama for my girl."



Lauren Rogan @laurens_wwjourney

"To be the healthiest I can be in order to tackle fertility treatment again."



Laura Tipton @tigapuss

"To be happy and healthy for 2019. A new house and IVF is on the horizon for us."



Liza McNulty 

"My why is to keep up with these two! If I’m not fit and healthy I get left behind. I want to enjoy every moment and not be puffing and panting behind them."



Jessica Leccacorvi @jesslecc_ 

"To be able to love myself for who I am, and to no longer fight an inner battle with myself. Also, to be fit and healthy to start my dream job in 2019 as a cabin crew member."



Hannah Syms 

"My why: healthy Hannah = happy Hannah. As someone who suffers with body dysmorphia, it's important for me to live a healthy lifestyle. My New Year's resolution is to get back into exercise!"



Lynsey Tollerton @lynseywwgoldmember

"My reason why: to show my little boy how important it is to be kind to one another, and be the best version of yourself."



Chloe Weller @chloeswwlifestyle

"My why: to hold onto this feeling of how happy and healthy I feel in my own skin!"



Colette Sticka @backtogold_wwuk

"My why is not shying away from photos with my babies! I deleted far too many photos or was always the one who took them!"



Jenna Louise @jen_wwgoldmember

"My why is to be fit, energetic and healthy for my children."



Louise Tompkins @lou_wwgoldmember

"My why is to be a good role model for my boys. Keeping active can be fun for the whole family!"



Nikki Kent @miss.wwuk 

"My why is to be happy, smile lots and embrace life at its fullest whilst setting a healthy example to both my teenage daughters."



Tania White @tania_wwuk

"My why is to be happy in my own skin and be at peace with myself."



Rachael Kent @healthyhoots

"To maintain the healthier, happier me but remembering that I can always get back on track - it’s important to enjoy life as it comes!"



Emma Williamson @emmas.whitedress.mission

"To be the healthiest version of myself, and make sure I’m physically healthy enough to carry children if I’m blessed enough. 2019, I’m ready for you!"

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