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If your mindset is holding you back, here are some simple ways to break free
Published 23 April, 2019

What’s your mindset right now? If you have a growth mindset, you welcome new skills and face setbacks without self-criticism. You believe things and people can change.

But a fixed mindset holds that things and people can’t change. In this state, you tend to blame yourself for setbacks and to downplay your progress as something that just happened.

On your WW journey, a growth mindset will help you tackle challenges and keep going for the long run. The good news is that you can switch from a fixed to a growth mindset.


Shift your mindset

Remember, your thoughts affect your actions. Here’s how to change them:

1. Learn to identify a fixed mindset. If a setback or challenge triggers a reaction like ‘I can’t,’ or ‘I’m bad at this’ – that’s it.

2. Talk back to it in a growth-mindset voice. Remind yourself of challenges you have overcome. Ask yourself if things really are set in stone. How can you learn from the setback? What can help you in the situation? The more often you talk back, the more easily you’ll adopt a growth mindset and be open to new experiences.

3. Think about who or what can help you along the way, like family, friends, fellow members, and Connect.