Health & wellbeing

Let’s talk about stress

It’s something that affects us all, but with a few simple strategies, you can get a handle on stress.
Published 20 September, 2019

No one is immune to stress. And while you can’t opt out of tense times, you can choose how you respond to them. The next time you feel stressed, try one of these strategies.

1. Just breathe.
Take a couple of minutes to focus on your breathing. You can do this on your own or by using one of the Headspace meditations in the WW app (find them on ‘My Day’). They only take a few minutes, and you can listen to them anytime, anywhere.

2. Step into nature.
Whether you take a quick walk in the park, or hike up a mountain, spending time in nature can reduce feelings of stress. Switch off your phone and concentrate on what you see, hear, feel and smell.

3. Think about similar stressful moments you’ve faced in the past.
What helped you to manage your feelings? Maybe it was talking to friends, going to a yoga class or cuddling a pet. Whatever got you through then, could work for you now.

4. Reach out.
Get support from people who care about you. Call or text a friend or family member; you can tell them what you’re going through or just catch up. Either way, you’re likely to feel better.