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Hit rewind to move forward

Skipped the gym, helped yourself to one too many biscuits or blew off much-needed sleep for ‘just one more episode’ on telly? It’s time to hit rewind…
Published 20 September, 2019

‘How did that happen?’. It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves after things have veered a little off track.

For answers, the trick is to ‘rewind the tape’. By helping you see the actions, situations and thoughts that sent you off track, you can fine-tune them and move closer to your goals.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Imagine a video recording of the situation. In your mind, rewind the tape 48 hours and watch everything that happened. Notice what actions you’re taking, the circumstances around you, and the thoughts in your head.

2. Pinpoint what you would change or where you would act differently. For example, if you ate unhealthy nibbles when catching up with a friend in the afternoon, you might stop the tape after dinner the night before, when you didn’t pack snacks for the next day.

3. Replay the tape with your ‘edit’. How does it turn out? Maybe you nibble on fruit or nuts that you brought with you, so you’re not feeling hungry when the snacks come out. Based on the new video, decide what to do differently next time. Pack snacks? Yep!