Health & wellbeing

Be all smiles

Feeling positive? Great! Here’s how to keep the good vibes going (even if your motivation slips)…
Published 30 August, 2018
1. Bring more colour into your life.

Brighter colours – yellow in particular – have been shown to help us feel happier and more optimistic. Wearing bright clothing or adding a few pops of colour to your home or office could help shift your mood on days you’re feeling low.

2. Write your own mantra, read and repeat!

If you’ve already got a favourite mantra, use it to help you feel good and move forward when you’re in a rut. Still need one? We like ‘I am a powerful, positive person’ or ‘I trust and believe in myself.’

3. Use Connect to share your happy moments

with members just like you. Because it’s available 24/7 in the app, it’s easy to post pics of your achievements, little things that make you smile, or the goals you’re working towards. Getting involved will introduce you to members who are on the same journey as you – and they’re sure to have advice, tips or words of encouragement if you’re struggling.

4. Plan and visualise

something you want to accomplish, whether it’s a fitness goal, a work ambition or a milestone you hope to reach. Be specific about what it is and the steps you should take to achieve it. Having a plan will help you get there, even when you’re going through a rough patch.

5. Remember that you can be a role model,

not just to your kids, but to your friends and other members too. If the people around you are positive, it’s easier to be positive as well, so let them see your optimistic side. Be kind to yourself around others, and they might just follow your lead!