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WW blog: Selen and staying on track over the May Bank Holiday weekend

Published 17 May, 2019

Hi, I’m Selen also known as selly_jelly_go@wwgoldmember on Instagram and selenhamitomer5 on connect.

I’m a teacher, wife and mum to two boys aged 8 and 3, and I'm following the Blue plan on myWW™.


I gained weight after each pregnancy


My weight has always yo-yoed but I particularly found it difficult when I gained weight after each pregnancy.

I started my WW journey in February 2016 six months after having my second son and I was determined to lose what I’d gained, and to have more energy for my growing family.

WW gave me the tools to achieve my first mini goal and I felt so empowered that I continued and reached my goal weight of 9st 9lbs in January 2017, losing a total of 48lbs.

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By continuing to follow the plan, I’ve maintained my weight since then. As a busy mum, my day-to-day routine is quite hectic so in order to stay on track I have to be organised.

But what happens when I’m out of routine with family days out, over a Bank Holiday perhaps? Is it just as easy? There’s no reason why it can’t be...


Staying active


Since reaching goal weight, my two boys have grown up quickly and they sure do keep me on my toes.

They’re full of energy and I’m always looking for ways to get them out more, which is great for me as I can earn some FitPoints® too.

I’m definitely more energetic these days since reaching goal weight and taking up regular exercise, which means that I’m able to keep up with my boys.

On Bank holidays, we like to go out on day trips to country parks, beaches and theme parks and on quieter weekends, we like to kick a ball around at the local park or go for a walk in the woods.

With WW, 60 minutes of medium intensity walking can earn you 4 FitPoints, or 15 minutes playing football can earn you 3 FitPoints. It’s great knowing that you’re getting in your exercise whilst spending time with your precious little ones. Why not? I say.

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Staying on track


Staying on track whilst out on the weekends needs planning. When you are out of routine, it’s easy to slip back into old habits.

You could simply grab something whilst on the go, but it’s your planning, preparation and your choices that make all the difference.

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For example, eating out. It’s so easy using the WW app! Plan ahead by finding out the SmartPoints for your favourite dishes, then track your day to make sure you’re within your Budget.

I have a general idea of what I would like to eat beforehand by checking out the menu online and adding this to my food tracker. I tend to choose foods with lower SmartPoints values, unless of course I want to indulge a little more and use some weeklies. That’s what they’re there for!

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Planning the rest of the day


Fruit and yogurt with a little oats or granola in the morning is a great breakfast to start your day. You can fuel yourself well with minimal SmartPoints, which means you can have more of a choice when eating out.

If I do choose to indulge a little more for lunch, I like to prep a soup for the evening that is also low in SmartPoints. The carrot, coriander and butterbean soup is 0SP on the WW app and tastes great after a long day out. We also have a family favourite, Cypriot lentil soup, which is also a low 3 SmartPoints per serving.


Who doesn’t love a picnic?


When you don’t particularly want to eat out, prepping a picnic lunch is easy. My boys love sandwiches and I do too - who doesn’t?

My favourite filling is chickpea and sweetcorn (a vegan take on tuna and sweetcorn) made with mashed chickpeas and sweetcorn mixed with a little soya yogurt and all-purpose seasoning.

Amazingly, it works out as 0SP, which means you only need to count SmartPoints for your choice of bread. It’s a win-win!

I also like to bring a handful of fruit and veggies with me for 0SP snacking. Apples, satsumas and bananas are easily transportable and the kids love them. Baby plum tomatoes are my kids’ favourites too as they are extra sweet.

Grapes and strawberries are also great for a seriously sweet craving. (Be careful to cut tomatoes and grapes in half for your little ones). Not only are you getting your sweet fix, you’re also giving your body extra goodness.




We’re all hoping for a heatwave over the Bank Holiday and if we get lucky, there’s no reason not to join your family in getting an ice cream or lolly. At 12SP a vegan Magnum is a real treat and surprisingly less than you’d expect it to be. A Mr Whippy is a lot lower at 7SP and a Calippo Orange is 6SP.


Goal smashing in the sunshine!


Veering away from your normal routine doesn’t mean you need to go off plan. The right mindset, a little organisation and planning ahead of time can put you one step closer to where you want to be.

However you wish to spend the Bank Holiday with your loved ones, keep your goals in sight and enjoy it!


My lentil soup recipe



200g red split lentils

50g long grain white rice

1 large diced onion

1 tbsp vegetable oil

1 vegetable stock cube diluted in 2 litres of water

Juice of 1/2 a lemon

Pinch of sumac or chilli flakes


  • In a large pot, add vegetable oil and onions and cook on medium heat until translucent and starting to turn golden
  • Add the red split lentils and rice, mixing into the onions
  • Pour in the stock making sure to break any clumps of rice
  • Add the lemon juice and cover with the lid
  • Cook on medium heat for 30-40 minutes or 20 minutes in a pressure cooker
  • Serve with sumac or chilli flakes if you like it spicy.


Chickpea and sweetcorn sandwich recipe



1 can chickpeas

1 small can sweetcorn

1 tbsp soya yogurt

1/2 tsp of all purpose seasoning

Spinach or salad leaves


  • Drain chickpeas and add to a bowl, mash until desired consistency (I like it a little chunky)
  • Drain and add sweetcorn
  • Spoon in soya yogurt
  • Sprinkle all-purpose seasoning
  • Stir it all in to combine
  • Add filling to your choice of bread, with a little spinach or lettuce leaves for added texture.