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Staying on track through the party season

With office parties and Christmas dos to attend, you might think it’s impossible to stay on track. But with WW, you can have fun and be smart…
Published 13 November, 2017


Roll with it

Make the most of your SmartPoints® budget by planning ahead. If you’ve got a party on the horizon, stick to meal plans that are based around ZeroPoint™ foods. That will mean you use fewer of your daily SmartPoints and have more spare to roll over into your weekly allowance (you can roll over up to 4 a day). You’ll then have a cushion of SmartPoints to spend come party day – so you won’t have to worry about enjoying a few nibbles or drinks!

Eat smart

Skipping meals isn’t the answer. Before you’re due to go out, eat a satisfying breakfast, and enjoy a lunch made up of ZeroPoint foods, leans proteins and healthy wholegrains for lunch. You’ll not only have more energy on the day, you’ll also be less hungry at the party, so you won’t munch mindlessly on snacks.

Be inspired

Struggling to stay on track? Consider signing into Connect, where you’ve got a whole community of WW Members at your fingertips. You’ll be able to read advice from fellow members and share your holiday triumphs. It’s a great way to get some extra support to help keep you motivated during party season (available in the WW app).