Satisfy your appetite for adventure in amazing Amsterdam!

Culture, canals and cyclists...our next virtual tour is definitely one for the diary.
Published 10 August, 2020

What are you up to this Sunday? Fancy a quick trip to Amsterdam?

Join us - and an expert tour guide from Travel Curious - at 11am in the Experiences at Home group this Sunday 16th August to explore the fascinating city of Amsterdam from the comfort of your couch!

Centuries-old canals, painted houseboats, and streets bustling with cyclists - it's safe to say that Amsterdam is crammed full of character, culture, history and beauty. You'll experience it all on our virtual city tour, where you'll start in the enchanting courtyard of Begijnhof, venture past iconic buildings, bridges and canals, then marvel at the beautiful Royal Palace in Dam Square.

As well as amazing views, you'll also learn about the local delicacies! Speaking of which, here are some traditional Dutch recipes to try at home:


Dutch breakfasts often consist of bread, crackers or biscuits, with toppings such as cheese, sweet sprinkles (hagelslag), meat, jam and chocolate spread. Muesli and yogurt are also popular, as well as Brinta, a Dutch breakfast porridge not too dissimilar to porridge. Brinta is made with milk and often served with fruits and/or nuts.


Otherwise known as pannekoken. These are hearty Dutch pancakes that are a staple of the local cuisine,  generally thinner than their American counterpart and topped with sweet or savoury ingredients such as bacon, salmon, apple, cheese, chocolate and powdered sugar. Due to the size of them, they are often enjoyed as a main course for lunch, dinner or dessert. The batter is similar to regular pancakes, although it's made with buckwheat flour. The Dutch also like to drizzle them with stroop, which is a strong, bitter type of treacle.

Main dishes

Well-known Dutch dishes are generally filling and warm due to the cold winters. A popular dish is Snert, or pea soup. This is a thick, hearty soup made with sausage and vegetables - including split peas - and often served with rye bread. Another Dutch comfort recipe - one of the oldest - is Stamppot. This dish uses mashed potatoes as a base and then incorporates vegetables like spinach, kale and sauerkraut, and sometimes meat such as Dutch smoked sausage.  

Snacks & late nights

Kroketten - also known as Dutch croquettes - are a popular snack in the Netherlands, and are sold in restaurants, snack bars and even from ‘vending walls’. These are deep-fried breaded rolls, typically filled with meat ragu, although variations include shrimp, cheese, vegetable and chicken. They're often eaten with mustard. Another favourite is Appletaart, noted for its crunchy crust and deep chunky apple filling, flavoured with spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. It's served with whipped cream, is hugely popular and sold in most bakeries and cafes.