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Nights out are on the menu!

Whether you’re meeting friends or heading for after work drinks with colleagues, you can enjoy yourself and still stay on track…
Published 30 July, 2018
At the pub

If you’re heading out for a pint, choose a lager or bitter – at 5 SmartPoints® per serving, they won’t cost you as much as a pint of stout, which clocks in at 9 SmartPoints. Or try a low-alcohol lager, which is just 3 SmartPoints per pint. But if wine’s your drink of choice, you’ll save more SmartPoints by choosing red – it’s just 4 SmartPoints per medium glass, while the same quantity of white or rosé is 5.  

At the party

Make your SmartPoints stretch further with wine spritzers or lager shandies made with sugar-free lemonade. Or if you want to be able to easily track your SmartPoints, go for a can of ready-mixed spirits and slimline tonic – most will be around 2 SmartPoints per can.

At the cocktail bar

If you love a cocktail, try Pimm’s made with sugar-free lemonade – it’s just 2 SmartPoints per glass and full of fresh fruit flavours! And if you’re looking to save your SmartPoints, try asking for your cocktail to be made ‘skinny’, or without flavoured syrup or a sugar-rimmed glass. You could also try a mocktail: many bars offer fruit-flavoured drinks made with sparkling water and diet fizzy drinks which don’t contain any alcohol.