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Published 16 December, 2015

Skip that afternoon slump 

Keep going strong all day long by eating a balanced lunch that will keep you focused through that mid-afternoon energy drop. Having a healthy lunch that fills you up but doesn’t make you feel sluggish will help you be more productive in the afternoon and help you avoid snacking before dinnertime. Not a morning person? No worries! Make up your lunch the night before or save some leftovers from last night’s dinner, so you can stay on track without added stress.

Getting organised

And if you’re really feeling organised, plan ahead by choosing a time in the afternoon to schedule in a healthy snack so you won’t be tempted to stop by the shops for a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps. These lunch ideas are quick inspiration that will make your coworkers envious of your amazing homemade lunches – and they’re just a small taster of all the great recipe ideas you’ll get as a Weight Watchers member. But if you’re having a busy day and can’t quite make your lunch, check out our Eating Out advice page for tips on staying on track while at your fave restaurants, cafes, or pubs.


Chicken Caesar with Pear and Walnuts 6 SmartPoints per serving 

Instant Noodle Jars 5 SmartPoints per serving 

Turkey Club Toastie 9 SmartPoints per serving 

We love sharing our lunch recipes and hope that this little sample of what you could eat with Weight Watchers whets your appetite. There are plenty more of these when you sign up too!