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It's a wrap!

Versatile, tasty, and low in fat.
Published 17 July, 2018

Our tasty WW wraps can be used for a quick and easy lunch, like this Pastrami deli wrap, a healthier spin on pizza bases - like this tasty tortilla pizza - or how about a Nacho chicken pie? With plenty of recipes to choose from, we've got it all wrapped up.

  • White wraps - 3 SmartPoints® per wrap*
  • High protein seeded wraps (made with British Quinoa) - 4 SmartPoints per wrap

*The value of SmartPoints
SmartPoints uses nutritional science to make healthy eating simple. It nudges you toward the building blocks of a healthy diet as you lose weight. Every food and drink has a SmartPoints value: one easy-to-use number that's based on four components: calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein. Calories establish the baseline of how many SmartPoints values the food is worth. Saturated fat and sugar increase the SmartPoints value. Protein lowers the SmartPoints value. When you join Weight Watchers you are given a personalised SmartPoints budget. Find out more here.