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Feel the myWW™ effect

Loving ZeroPoint™ foods? These members are and they have some great tips too!
Published 6 November, 2017

These members all follow myWW Blue. Here are their top tips for staying on track and maximising your SmartPoints® Budget.

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Swap and save


‘It’s about making smarter choices – I try to eat as many ZeroPoint foods as possible. I have Greek yogurt for snacks and chicken and veg for dinner, and that leaves me with 7 SmartPoints for the evening.’
Lobke Meulemeester

‘I love the fact that skinless chicken and turkey breast are ZeroPoint foods, as they’re the staples in most of my meals. I can make my favourite chicken fakeaway without having to cut out the sides that go with the dish.’
Lorna Tennant

‘Eggs are so versatile, especially in desserts with vanilla egg custards and banana, egg pancakes, or meringues made with sweetener. Ideal for those of us with a sweet tooth – and even better, you can add low-fat yogurt!’
Karen Mathison


Shop smarter


‘I buy my eggs in bulk from a local farmer as I now go into panic mode if I haven’t got eggs! I also have a stock of tinned tuna in spring water, as I love a good tuna and egg salad.’
Debbie Roome

‘I fill my shopping trolley with ZeroPoint foods, like chicken, turkey, eggs, and fish. I keep plenty of spices in my cupboard as well as chickpeas, peas, and sweetcorn. Now that they’re all 0 SmartPoints, I can eat a much wider variety of foods, as I always have plenty of SmartPoints left to do so.’
Cathy Brotherton

‘I make sure I buy plenty of fruit, chicken, eggs, fish, cauliflower, sweetcorn and salad so I can make a meal anytime.’
Kay O’Keeffe


Roll with it!


‘I tend to have a 0 SmartPoints breakfast, low SmartPoints lunch and a higher SmartPoints dinner. I try to save some SmartPoints so I can have a treat on the weekend. I never feel tied down – if I wanted to go out for a nice meal, I could save up my SmartPoints for it.’
Michele Senior

‘I use my rollovers at the weekend. I like to have a drink and use my SmartPoints more extravagantly at the end of the week.’
Jan Christopher Burkin

‘Because some of my favourite foods are now 0 SmartPoints, it’s easy to create recipes and roll over SmartPoints, so I can save them up for occasions, meals out and treats.’
Dawn King