5 ideas for Points®-friendly fakeaways

Enjoy your favourite flavours for fewer Points.
Published 1 February, 2022

If you're in the mood for a takeaway but need a PersonalPoints™-friendly version, how about a fakeaway instead?

Home cooked versions of your favourite takeaways are likely to be healthier and lower in Points, and the good news is you don't have to compromise on taste or flavour.

There are loads of fakeaway recipes on the WW app, from curries to fish 'n' chips. Then there's the WW Shop, which has lots of Points-friendly products - such as 0 Points spice pots - to make cooking a breeze. Stock your kitchen cupboards so you've got them on hand next time you fancy a fakeaway.

1. Indian curry

In the mood for Indian food? Ramp up flavour with these spice pots for korma, bhuna, goan and tandoori masala. Buy them separately or as part of a curry night kit. Scroll for delicious recipes to use them in!

If you'd prefer tikka masala, this sauce makes things super easy - all you have to think about is the chicken.

If you like, team your dish with yellow lentil rice and mini naan breads.

2. Chinese

Our soy, ginger and chilli dressing is perfect for cooking up a storm in a wok! Add flavour to stir-fry in seconds for just 1 Point. Try it with the recipes below, or any recipe you fancy in the WW app.

3. Pizza

Takeaway pizza can be high in Points, but don't worry as there are LOADS of WW pizza recipes in the app. To save on Points even more, try using a WW protein wrap as the base. The recipes below show you how!

4. Meal pots

If you don't feel like cooking, the WW Shop has delicious, microwavable meal pots ready in just two minutes. Take your taste buds to Spain with chicken paella, go meat-free with a lentil curry, or choose a chicken tikka masala.

5. Nachos

Make your own nachos at home - and load them however you like - using these ready salted tortilla chips. See the recipes below for inspiration!