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6 irresistible chocolate cake recipes

Chocolate cake recipes you can't say no to - and don't have to on WW.
Published 17 September, 2018

Chocoholic? Our flexible weight loss programme means nothing's off the menu, and that includes chocolate - in any form! 

So whether you're in the mood for biscuits, cake or your favourite chocolate bar, you can enjoy a chocolatey treat on WW. (Your weeklies or rollovers may come in handy!)

How many SmartPoints am I allowed on WW?

What are rollovers?

We even have our own range of protein chocolate bars, which you can buy in your Workshop or on the WW Shop.

From our unique twist on a classic chocolate cake to a comforting cake-in-a-mug recipe, we've got your chocolate needs covered. Keep scrolling for recipes!

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