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Top 5 fitness apps

You don’t need a personal trainer, running coach or yoga instructor with these fab fitness apps
Published 19 November, 2015


Your smartphone is a secret weapon in the fight to get fit. Just download one – or more – of the fitness apps below and you’ll never be stuck for exercise inspiration again. You can find the perfect match for your chosen activity and ability, whether you’re a beginner or have just finished your first 5K.

1. C25K

This handy app is great for those new to running – Couch to 5K (hence the name) will get you off the sofa and ready to run your first 5K in just nine weeks. It comes with tools and tips to build your overall fitness and stamina.

2. NTC – Nike+ Training Club

One of the best training apps available, and it’s totally free! Choose from over 100 workouts – from beginners to practically pro – mix and match your favourite exercises, and read celebrity fitness tips.

3. Runkeeper

Keeps track of your walks, runs and hikes. You can also calculate calorie burn, set personal goals, and follow expert training plans – 45 million fans worldwide can’t be wrong.

4. Strava Cycling and Running

A simple but effective app, you can track your bike rides by time, distance and speed. Fans say challenges – such as ‘racing’ against community members for titles like ‘highest elevation’ or ‘best photo’ – provide extra motivation.

5. Yoga Studio

Take your pick from over 24 hours of yoga-class videos, with hundreds of poses for all abilities, from namaste newbie to yogi. You can also create your own classes and learn about the health benefits of each posture.

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