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Start moving more

Discover a new way to create the fitness plan you’ll love (and want to stick to)
Published 7 January, 2019

Moving more is an important part of your wellness journey. Research shows that increased activity can boost self-esteem, improve mood and sleep, and help you reach your weight-loss goals. In fact, combined with eating more healthily, increasing your activity can lead to 20 per cent greater weight loss than changing eating habits alone. But lots of us find moving more is easier said than done. However, the key to being active is to ask yourself what activities you want to do – in other words, what types of movement do you most enjoy? Here’s how to get in the mood to move…

Find inspiration

Think about activities you’ve tried that you truly enjoyed. It could be walking the dog, taking a yoga class or dancing during a night out. Think about how you could fit this activity into your routine more regularly.

Try something new

Sign up to a fitness class with a friend, join a walking group or trial a new piece of equipment at the gym – if there’s an activity you’ve considered trying, now’s the time! Choose one you can try out and write it down. Then, make a plan to do the activity by deciding when and where you’ll do it, and who could join in – maybe a friend or fellow WW Member.